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Accounts Payable Automation

Accounts Payable Automation Using Sage 50

by Yooz the 01.11.2024

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Implementing paperless AP Automation with Sage solution is key for any business wanting to optimize and master their invoice management process. It is an easy and fast way to gain complete control of the invoice process, both with respect to speed and overall costs as well as mitigating associated risks such as fraud, disputes, and non-conformities.


So the question becomes not what do to but rather choosing which AP Automation solution will maximize your benefits.


Automation with your ERP


Several criteria must be taken into consideration for invoice automation. Performance, infrastructure security, achieved automation level, and scalability are clearly among the top factors for your decision, alongside the solution’s longevity and the provider’s ability to provide assistance.

However, while these criteria are essential, they alone are not enough to guarantee project success. To ensure a seamless process, any solution that you adopt must also integrate with your existing ERP system or operation software. Furthermore, the two systems must be transparent for users, particularly when it comes to automatic transactions such as exporting data. Not only will this seamless integration save a huge amount of time, it is also a prerequisite for ensuring data consistency across your overall information system. 

While many solutions have a generic recognition capability, when it comes to more specific or non-standard accounting software having a partner with the ability to easily develop customer connectors ensures that you never sacrifice the benefits of interoperability.


How can Yooz help you integrate invoices automatically in Sage 50?


The Yooz solution automatically records invoices and allows you to access all their company data directly in Sage 50. This saves precious time when it comes to the invoice approval process, improving productivity without requiring any prior configuration. Some of the specific features of the Yooz / Sage 50 connector includes:


  •  Sage 50 reference data synchronized in Yooz
  • Yooz accounting entries generated in Sage 50
  •  Yooz payment orders generated in Sage 50
  • Sage 50 payment status and accounting document numbers updated in Yooz

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Save money with Sage 50's System Integrated with Yooz


Clients who use Sage 50 and Yooz every day are more than happy with their experience:


“Integration between Yooz and our SAGE Accounting system results in fast and accurate processing of invoices and completes the Accounts Payable process without the need to print a single invoice.”


Jerry McGill, Operations Director at GSC Grays


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Maximizing efficiency: Sage 50 integration with Yooz for Accounts Payable Automation

Enhancing your accounts payable processes with Sage 50 is a strategic move towards efficiency, and the integration of Yooz further elevates the automation experience. Yooz, a leading automation platform, seamlessly aligns with Sage 50, introducing advanced capabilities for streamlined invoice processing. Businesses can leverage Yooz to automate key tasks such as invoice capture, data extraction, and workflow management. This integration significantly reduces manual efforts, minimizes errors, and expedites approval cycles. The seamless synergy between Sage 50 and Yooz not only optimizes accounts payable workflows but also provides enhanced visibility into financial transactions, fostering a higher level of accuracy and efficiency.

    Discover Yooz the Best Accounts Payable Automation Solution for Sage Users

    Discover Yooz the Best Accounts Payable Automation Solution for Sage Users


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    Discover Yooz the Best Accounts Payable Automation Solution for Sage Users