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Accounts Payable Automation

Automating your invoices in QuickBooks Online

by Yooz on 11.8.2021


It is essential for your company to implement an accounts payable automation solution to opimize and master its invoice management process. AP Automation gives you complete control, both with respect to associated risks such as fraud, disputes, and non-conformities, as well as intrinsic costs related to productivity.


The question becomes one of choosing which AP Automation solution will maximise your benefits.

Automation with your ERP


Several criteria must be taken into consideration for invoice automation. Performance, infrastructure security, achieved automation level, and scalability are clearly among the top factors for your decision, alongside the solution’s longevity and the provider’s ability to provide assistance.

While these criteria are essential, they alone are not enough to guarantee project success. The solution you adopt must also integrate with your ERP system or accounting software. A digitalisation solution needs to coexist with other software – often heterogeneous – that is already in place. Furthermore, coexistence must be transparent for users, particularly with respect to exporting data.


Yooz and QuickBooks Online take ERP integrations to a new level


Seamless integration with your accounting tool can save a huge amount of time. It is also a prerequisite for ensuring data consistency across your overall information system. If your company uses more specific or non-standard accounting software, the ability to easily develop custom connectors ensures that you never sacrifice the benefits of interoperability.


How can Yooz help you integrate invoices automatically in QuickBooks Online ?


The Yooz solution automatically records invoices and allows you to access all their data directly in QuickBooks Online. This saves precious time and improves productivity and does not require any prior configuration. The Yooz / QuickBooks Online connector provides the following features:


  • QuickBooks Online reference data synchronised in Yooz
  • Yooz accounting entries generated in QuickBooks Online
  • Yooz payment orders generated in QuickBooks Online
  • QuickBooks Online payment status and accounting document numbers updated in Yooz


Save money with QuickBooks Online's System Integrated with Yooz


Clients who use QuickBooks Online and Yooz every day are more than happy with their experience:


“Integration between Yooz and our QuickBooks Online Accounting system results in fast and accurate processing of invoices and completes the Accounts Payable process without the need to print a single invoice.”

Jerry McGill, Operations Director at GSC Grays


Yooz - Infographic - QuickBooks - UK


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