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Accounts Payable Automation

Automating your Invoices in QuickBooks Online

by Yooz the 01.31.2024


In today's fast-paced economy it is essential that every business take a step back, evaluate it's operational processes, and make any necessary modifications. Only in this manner will they be able to improve workflows and stay competitive.

This is especially important in the finance department, the place that monitors and controls the lifeblood of any organization: cash. And, of all the operational processes there, implementing an accounts payable automation solution is the best way to optimize and master the invoice management process. AP Automation gives you complete control, both with respect to associated risks such as fraud, disputes, and non-conformities, as well as intrinsic costs related to productivity.


Automation with your existing software


Once the decision to move forward with automation has been made the next task is choosing the appropriate solution service provider. This is where the organization's operational process evaluation is key. After all, if you don't know what you already have how will you know what you need?

While several criteria must be taken into consideration for invoice automation, things such as performance, infrastructure security, achieved automation level, and scalability are clearly among the top factors for your decision. Other considerations include the solution’s longevity and the provider’s ability to offer assistance.

The final key essential criterion - one often overlooked but needed to guarantee project success - is to ensure that the chosen solution integrates with your existing ERP software or other financial/accounting software. A fully integrated system offers complete transparency throughout the entire process, particularly with respect to data import and export transactions.


Yooz and QuickBooks Online take integration to a new level


QuickBooks Online is a type of accounting software used primarily by small and medium-sized businesses. To improve the customer invoicing experience, they've partnered with Yooz to create an integrated, streamlined payable process all the way from vendor invoicing to payment.

This type of seamless integration can save significant time and money. It is also a prerequisite for ensuring data consistency across the overall information system. No more paper documents lost in transport, no errors resulting from manual entry errors, and automatic creation and storage of an audit trail. There is also the added benefit of freeing up employee time to focus on other areas, improving work satisfaction, and as a result increasing employee productivity.

Indeed, when there is no concern with the invoice and payment structure, all the company needs to do is sell more product.


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How can Yooz help you integrate invoices automatically in QuickBooks Online?


The Yooz solution automatically records invoices and synchs the data with QuickBooks Online. The resulting ability to access all data directly saves precious time and improves productivity. Even better, thanks to the partnership between Yooz and QuickBooks Online, no prior configuration is required. The Yooz / QuickBooks Online connector provides the following features right from the start:


  • QuickBooks Online reference data synchronized in Yooz
  • Yooz accounting entries generated in QuickBooks Online
  • Yooz payment orders generated in QuickBooks Online
  • QuickBooks Online payment status and accounting document numbers updated in Yooz


Save money with QuickBooks Online's System integrated with Yooz


Clients who use QuickBooks Online and Yooz every day are more than happy with their experience:


“Integration between Yooz and our QuickBooks Online Accounting system results in fast and accurate processing of invoices and completes the Accounts Payable process without the need to print a single invoice.”


Jerry McGill, Operations Director at GSC Grays


After all, when the benefits include faster, more exact processing, and overall better invoice experience with minimal effort who wouldn't be happier?


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Why Use Yooz for Accounts Payable Automation?


Yooz is a powerful accounts payable automation solution that can help businesses of all sizes improve their AP processes and achieve their financial goals. Yooz automates the entire AP process, from invoice capture and validation to payment approval and posting. Yooz offers a variety of benefits, including improved data accuracy, cost savings, and increased efficiency.



    Yooz is the Best AP Automation Solution for QuickBooks Online Users

    Yooz is the Best AP Automation Solution for QuickBooks Online Users



    Yooz is the Best AP Automation Solution for QuickBooks Online Users