Manage Your Budgets in Real-Time With Yooz! 

Track your budget in real-time.

  • Access up-to-date information about your budget at any time.
  • Get a complete picture of your revenue and expenses throughout the Purchase-to-Pay process.
  • Oversee financial activities with an easy-to-use dashboard that can be customised to your needs.
Yooz dévoile sa fonctionnalité budget

How can Yooz help to manage your budgets?


Seamlessly integrated into the Yooz Rising solution, the budget function provides financial leaders with a comprehensive automated financial solution. Users can now monitor their budget in real-time throughout each stage of the spending process, knowing the remaining available budget category by category, at any time.


  • Define your budgets according to your own specific criteria for either certain budget periods or categories.
  • Receive alerts when your spending exceeds a specified amount, enabling you to curb expenses if necessary.
  • Manage your budget at each stage of the Purchase-to-Pay process – from creation of the purchase request through invoice approval – by setting rules for monitoring, alerting, or blocking specific expenses.
  • Access real-time status information using the budget control tab, including amounts committed, invoiced, and available.
  • Utilize the customizable, user-friendly dashboard to get a comprehensive understanding and enhance financial management.

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Learn how to monitor and control your budget in real-time throughout every phase of the Procure-to-Pay (P2P) process!

Gain instant visibility into all your budget expenses utilizing the Yooz application!


Did You Know?

In 2023's current unpredictable and high-risk economic environment, it is crucial for businesses to engage in proactive and well-informed decision-making. This sentiment is echoed in the priorities of CFOs for the year 2023, with an overwhelming 82% planning to change their budgeting approach [1].


[1] Priorités 2023 des décideurs financiers PwC-DFCG


“With the introduction of our budget tracking automation feature, Yooz continues to demonstrate our commitment towards pushing technological boundaries. Our goal is simple: to provide decision-makers with an enhanced user experience and the optimized functional coverage needed to help them to achieve their performance and efficiency goals despite volatile markets.”

- Laurent Charpentier, CEO of Yooz




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