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"The solution is almost self-explaining!"



All subsidiaries know in real time where their invoices are.



The time spent on invoice treatment has been divided by 3!

Free Now chose Yooz to centralise its suppliers accounting service and reduce its invoices management costs.


Free Now is a mobility app with more than 56 million users in 16 countries and over 170 cities. Their success story started a few years ago with taxi rides and offers now a wide range of services with all types of vehicles at different prices categories. In Europe they are based in Germany and operate in almost all European markets: Germany, Poland, France, UK, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Austria and Greece.


Mira Karp, subledger accountant at Free Now and Yooz administrator tells us more on Yooz’s contribution to Free Now’s success.



Free Now successful step by step strategy to implement Yooz worldwide


In 2020, Free Now integrated the French company Kapten that was already using Yooz. Finding the solution perfect to collect the invoices of all its subsidiaries, Free Now adopted Yooz to centralise its accounting process.


The implementation process started with Austria, the country that had at that time the smallest number of invoices. Once the teams felt comfortable with Yooz and the new processes, other entities followed with the same logic: countries with smaller volume of invoices first and the biggest one, Germany, at the end.


In total Free Now onboarded 10 subsidiaries in 6 months, Austria starting in April 2021 and Germany finishing the tour in October 2021. “I think it would have made more sense to start with the biggest one because there you really see all the steps you need to think about and the mistakes you should not do” confesses Mira, revealing that different approaches are possible when implementing an AP automation solution. To help you identify yours, have a look at our whitepaper: How to become an Account Payable Top Performer.


Each team followed some workshops to learn how to use Yooz depending on their role in the invoice management process. Yooz offers a large panoply of live and on-demand trainings to make sure everyone in the company will get the right content for its usage.



Working multi-site efficiently with a centralised accounting team


All the European invoice management is made from Germany in Hamburg except for the French entity that has historically its own.


Invoices of all countries arrive by email and are automatically captured and collected in Yooz. The accounting team check the invoices and then send them for approval thanks to predetermined workflows. Once the invoices are approved, they are exported into a CSV file and uploaded in the ERP system to proceed to the payment.


Thanks to Yooz, this process became fluid and homogeneous for all subsidiaries. They now know in real time where their invoices are in the process and have access to all the history of their invoices as well. Of course, confidentiality is respected and the teams can only see the documents they are allowed to see. “This has been particularly useful for the marketing teams, as they had to work with several different systems before (one for each entity) and now with everything centralized they win efficiency.” says Mira Karp.


Next step: automating the purchase process. “We are one step close to make life easier for another team: the procurement team!” Mira adds.

“Before Yooz, it took us one to two weeks to prepare an invoice now we are in a range of three to four days, which makes our managers very happy!”

Mira Karp

Subledger Accountant at Free Now

Time spent on invoice treatment divided by 3!


The accounting team used to spend one to two weeks to process an invoice as they had to juggle with different systems. Getting an approval could take a long time as well. Now the whole treatment process only takes 3 to 4 days: from its collection to its sending for payment!


Mira Karp highlights many more advantages of using Yooz:


  • The support team is very reactive: “The support team is responding within the day or the day after”, says Mira. “That’s perfect, I am very happy about this.”
  • Yooz is easy-to-use: “The solution is almost self-explaining!”
  • The Google-like search capabilities make it easy to find any invoice from any entity.
  • The approval workflow allows to easily transfer an invoice.

Mira concludes, “now everyone is happier than before Yooz”, all is said!

“Now everyone is happier than before Yooz!”

Mira Karp

Subledger Accountant at Free Now

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