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United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, France and Spain


Industry Sector


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70 employees



No more missing documents 



Easy to get to grips with, and the administrator stays in control of the solution



Reduced time spent on accounting tasks allowing to focus on more added-value activities

Kartesia expansion: Yooz solution chosen to harmonise AP management for 6 countries. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!


Kartesia: an independent European lending fund for SMEs, which operates across 6 countries and processes 500 invoices a month, chose Yooz to digitise its accounting processes.


The fund, which was created in 2014, supports and finances SMEs with large investments of €10 to €150 million. Kartesia currently operates in France, Spain, Germany, the UK, Belgium and Luxembourg, and is still growing with around twenty new posts being created each year. To facilitate this expansion, Kartesia has chosen Yooz to digitise their invoices and harmonise validation processes for all companies within the Group.

Marc Housieaux, Group Finance Manager, told us about his experience.


Yooz, the ideal first step in digitising the Finance function


When Marc Housieaux joined Kartesia in 2019, one of his first tasks was to digitise the finance department. At that time, all the accounting was outsourced to an accounting firm and required paper documents. There was no way to get an overall picture of what was happening, and the department needed a system to manage invoices and payment. So, Marc Housieaux started looking for a way to make the invoicing process paperless, bringing all invoices into one place where they could be accessed anywhere, anytime with one click.

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“When I arrived at Kartesia, everything was dealt with external accountants. Yooz gives me central oversight of all our invoices, which is essential as we operate in six different countries.”

Marc Housieaux

Group Finance Manager

After a long process of researching and comparing solutions to find the one best suited to their needs, Kartesia decided on Yooz. Marc Housieaux highlights some factors that went into the decision:


  • Validation workflows.
  • Extreme simplicity of use, and easily adjustable settings: Yooz is easy to get to grips with, and the administrator stays in control of the solution. This makes it straightforward to train a new hire and to add or remove a user.
  • The fastest implementation time on the market.

Yooz: long-awaited and well received


The users welcomed the solution as it made the accounting process more straightforward for them. Members of staff were given some brief training, after which they were able to use the Yooz tool without help.


Before Yooz, all invoices arrived by email with a payment proposal. This meant directors and approvers had to process the documents one by one and approve them manually. Now Marc Housieaux can quickly approve multiple invoices at the same time, and can also transfer approval for some documents to the Managing Partners.


Even better than expected


The initial requirement, namely a digital invoice management and approval system, has been met, as Marc Housieaux explains: “We wanted a more efficient process for approving invoices, for directors to see all invoices above a certain amount, and for me as Finance Manager to have an overview of everything, and to be sure that nothing was paid outside of this process.” But the benefits didn’t end there. As well as a validation workflow with better oversight, Kartesia have found that Yooz has plenty of other advantages:


  • Ability to view all invoices together.
  • A database with access to source data without going through accountants.
  • A tool that facilitates compliance with current regulations.
  • Enhanced performance management, with accounting data accessible and exportable from Yooz.
  • Less time spent on accounting, allowing resources to be reallocated to posts that add greater value.
Marc Housieaux 3 (2)
“Yooz is at the forefront of financial digitisation.”

Marc Housieaux

Group Finance Manager

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