Whitepaper: How not to Mess Up Your AP Project

It's all about preparation!
Today, automation technology is one of the inevitable technical trends for companies wanting to improve their efficiency and agility in a complex and competitive economic environment. The reasons are clear, including cost reduction, process optimization, data security, regulatory compliance, and many more.
While deploying automation processes does not require any specific skills, project success is nonetheless based on following some commonsense rules and avoiding pitfalls.
This 3-part checklist will help you prepare your project and gather ALL the information you need to make informed and intelligent decisions.
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This whitepaper will provide you with a concrete roadmap:

  • Preparation: When considering an AP automation vendor, how should you prepare BEFORE contacting them
  • Questions you should ask: When considering an AP automation vendor, what questions should you ask them to find out if they are a possible match for your requirements
  • Questions the vendor will ask you: What questions will the vendor have for your firm to better understand your AP workflow and pain points?

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