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Empower your end-to-end, Purchase-to-Pay solution with YoozReports, the Yooz Rising addition that combines the familiarity of Excel's features with essential, real-time insights. Effortlessly build, visualise, and optimise your KPIs with feature-rich, one-touch upgradable reports.

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Optimise Your Strategy. 


Enhance your financial and accounting decisions with YoozReports, the feature that transforms real-time data usage for monitoring invoice performance. At Yooz, we recognise the obstacles that decision-makers face in swiftly gathering and sharing information for strategic decision-making. That's why we've developed a solution that not only delivers added value through real-time reporting and visualisation, but lets you do so with a simple click. 

YoozReports allows you to activitate real-time, refreshed data on demand directly from Excel using customised reports. There's no need to revisit Yooz Rising to generate updated reports! 


Furthermore, thanks to seamless integration with technology through API, this information can then be directly shared with your company's business intelligence tools, such as an ERP, PowerBI, Tableau, and more.

Real-Time Data

No more guesswork! YoozReports equips you and your team with real-time data, allowing you to monitor your KPIs both in reports format and through graphic data representation.

Leverage the Power of Excel

Seamlessly integrate the extensive capabilities of Excel into your workflow processes. Thanks to an add-in option, you can refresh your data right from the Excel search bar without having to go back into Yooz Rising.



Optimisation Guidance

Elevate your analytics using customised reports. YoozReports offers optimisation capabilities that help you to streamline your reporting and maximise your efficiency.

Visualise KPIs

Let your numbers come to life through Excel's graphics and visualisation options. Easily track and interpret your Key Performance Indicators through dynamic graphs and charts, transforming complex data into actionable insights.

Share Essential Information

Bring your reports to life and share them with your colleagues. Give them the opportunity to create their own monitoring tools while maintaining oversight of the document. Select the amount of information to share to facilitate rapid decision-making.

Native API Integration

Experience a new level of synergy with your business intelligence solution. With YoozReports, your data is collected via API and fed to your ERP solution and other Business Intelligence tools. 

“With YoozReports we are once again demonstrating our pursuit of excellence in financial automation technology, empowering businesses with the decision-making tools that they need. By seamlessly integrating real-time data reporting directly through Excel, we are providing financial decision-makers with an unparalleled avenue to harness invoice data insights both swiftly and decisively."


- Laurent Charpentier, CEO of Yooz


Gain Instant and Comprehensive Insight with Yooz Rising Data


Did You Know?

"As more organizations look to data to provide them with a competitive edge, those with the most advanced data strategies will increasingly look towards the most valuable and up-to-date data. This is why real-time data and analytics will be the most valuable big data tools for businesses in 2023." [1].


[1] Forbes: The Top 5 Data Science and Analytics Trends In 2023




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