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Accounts Payable Automation

What lies beyond the numbers? Unravelling the AP automation ROI calculator

by Yooz the 02.29.2024

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With more and more companies opting for accounts payable automation, it goes without saying that the technology offers substantial benefits. If you've been contemplating the considerable savings associated with automating your accounts payable process, it suggests forward-thinking on your part. Now is the perfect opportunity for you to explore how automating AP processes can greatly enhance your company's return on investment (ROI). Take advantage of this exploration to find a robust AP Automation ROI Calculator and experience firsthand the time-saving advantages of automation. 


Understanding an AP Automation ROI Calculator


For companies still adhering to manual accounts payable process, the inefficiencies are likely well-known. Luckily, AP automation has arrived to liberate AP services from manual tasks, which not only consume time, but also increase the risk of errors. With the power of AP automation software, you can now streamline the entire approval process and automate invoice data extraction. 


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AP automation ROI on the other hand acts as a measure of the effectiveness of your accounts payable automation solution. Most automation solutions aim to reduce invoice processing costs and time, reduce errors and accelerate processing times for a modest fee, thereby reducing resource expenditure and overspending. The ROI metric assesses the timeframe for the automation solution to become profitable. But you might be wondering how to estimate this metric. 


Calculating your AP automation ROI 


Determining your AP automation ROI within the first year is straightforward: deduct your net annual savings from your total investment. It's worth noting that most AP automation costs represent low-cost expenses for higher recurring benefits. Consequently, the long-term ROI on AP automation far exceeds the initial ROI.

Most AP automation software providers offer an ROI calculator to determine your company's total savings in the first year and the payback period. Using an AP Automation ROI calculator can be instrumental in evaluating the business impact of automating your processes. With minimal inputs required, you can obtain results to bolster your internal business case at no cost and without divulging detailed information. 


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Your business has been ready to transform for a long time. Don’t wait any longer to upgrade your financial processes! 


Automating AP processes offers direct advantages such as enhanced labour efficiency and expedited processing times. Moreover, it significantly diminishes manual errors while ensuring timely payments, thereby adding further value to your operations:  


Increased efficiency and productivity 


The potential for errors, information loss and mismanagement loom large with manual data capture, invoice categorisation, and routing. However, accounts payable automation streamlines daily operations by eliminating redundant administrative tasks, freeing up valuable staff time for other priorities. 


Efficiency and productivity are paramount for any organisation, particularly concerning the timely and accurate payment of invoices, which sustains a flexible and adaptive cash-flow. An AP automation solution is designed to enhance efficiency, productivity, and accuracy by reducing human error and leveraging intelligent workflows to expedite invoice processing.  


By implementing specific rules within invoice workflows, incoming invoices swiftly navigate through the approval process to the appropriate personnel for management. 


Minimising risk of error and fraud 


The most expensive challenge in manual invoice processing is human error. It counts for over 30% of AP costs and put companies at risk. This manual approach drains both time and resources, diminishing efficiency and escalating operational expenses. Rectifying duplicate payments, lost invoice data and delayed reimbursements strains supplier relations and team morale, leaving employees and leaders frustrated. 


In contrast, accounts payable automation, often equipped with optical character recognition technology, extracts crucial invoice data from various formats (including email, fax and printed documents) and seamlessly integrates it into AP systems, eliminating error-prone manual entry. 


AP automation functions as a safeguard, offering a structured framework to identify, analyse and mitigate potential risks associated with accounts payable processes. Automation methods enhance the finance department's ability to detect vendor fraud, ranging from duplicate invoices to fake bank details, surpassing the capabilities of manual ap processes.  


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Reduced late payment penalties

Delaying supplier payments risks damaging business relationships and undermines operational stability. Automating supplier processes reduces errors, enhances efficiency and frees financial departments for strategic tasks. Digitised purchase-to-pay processes improve visibility and streamline operations from purchase orders to payments. 


Modern AP automation solutions offer rapid deployment with minimal training, integrating real-time AI for seamless management of invoices and payments. With global compatibility and reduced late payment risks, businesses preserve valuable supplier relationships and stay competitive in accounts payable management. 


Real-time visibility and reporting 


Apart from enhancing AP operations, the dashboards integrated within AP systems provide teams with transparent visibility into the payment cycle. These dashboards not only display the status and stakeholders responsible for pending invoices but also offer analytical insights into invoice and payment processing performance, predictive expenditure tools, payment configurations and a wealth of real-time data


This function enables AP teams and the wider business to make strategic, data-informed decisions grounded in patterns and trends. Essentially, it empowers them to optimise the invoicing process for peak efficiency. 


More time for higher value-added tasks and cost savings 


AP automation provides businesses with the means to reclaim valuable time for more strategic tasks, all while achieving significant cost savings. It spans from current statuses to closed and paid invoices. This indispensable tool significantly decreases the time spent tracking invoices, enabling teams to prioritise delivering value.  


Modern AP automation platforms empower teams to focus on activities that promote innovation and growth, by automating routine tasks such as data entry and invoice processing. This transition towards value-added tasks not only boosts productivity but also nurtures a culture of continuous improvement within the organisation. 


Moreover, the cost-saving advantages of AP automation go beyond operational efficiencies. By reducing manual errors and streamlining workflows, businesses can minimise unnecessary expenses and optimise resource allocation, thereby strengthening their financial position.  


This results in potential savings exceeding £10.47 per invoice, while halving the duration of invoice processing and approval workflows. When considering that digitising client and supplier documents is 80% more cost-effective than paper processing, it becomes evident that every business strives for heightened productivity at reduced costs. 


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Will you wait and miss out on AP automation's financial gains? 


To optimise the ROI of AP automation implementation, opt for a cost-effective solution that guarantees maximum cost savings and aligns seamlessly with your existing processes and workflows.  


Accounts payable automation software typically follows a monthly payment model, offering subscription plans tailored to your needs. Pricing varies based on factors such as the chosen plan, invoice processing volume, included features and more.  


Implementation typically involves setup or subscription fees, covering software integration, employee onboarding, training and sometimes user and vendor setup costs. 



When considering AP automation software, you must choose a solution that fits your business requirements. Assess factors such as available features, pricing structures, customer support, automation capabilities and integration with your accounting system. By carefully evaluating these aspects, you guarantee that the selected software aligns with your needs and maximises the benefits of AP processing for your business. Do not be shy about exploring free trial options. They can offer valuable insights into the potential advantages of using the software. 


Choosing Yooz for P2P Accounts Payable Process Automation 


Yooz transforms P2P AP automation, harnessing AI, Deep Learning, and RPA to effortlessly achieve an impressive 80% invoice automation rate. Its seamless integration of real-time AI with user-friendly features ensures swift deployment within just an hour, requiring minimal training. Offering a holistic solution, Yooz streamlines the entire P2P workflow, from purchase requests to payments, on a unified platform. 


Backed by a substantial client base and extensive document processing expertise, Yooz exemplifies effectiveness. It seamlessly integrates with native connectors across numerous countries, supported by a team of experts catering to diverse needs. Yooz prioritises innovation, dedicating a significant portion of its revenue to annual R&D efforts, leading to significant advancements in the industry. Consequently, Yooz stands as a beacon of efficiency in P2P automation. 


Ready to Yooz your ap processing? 


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