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Famed Surrey golf club achieves accounting hole-in-one with new software

by Yooz on 08.11.2022

wisley golf and yooz
Private members club, the Wisley Golf, has announced the integration of Yooz automated purchase-to-pay (P2P) software to simplify its accounts payable services in the UK.
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A private club with 700 members, the Wisley Golf Club. employs around 120 people who work to maintain the golf courses, organise golf activities and competitions, and manage the restaurant and retail shop. Based in Surrey, the course is one of the best in England.
A subscriber of Yooz since 2020, Wisley Golf ‘s activities have risen significantly over the past few years alongside the growing popularity of the sport. The number of invoices and transactions grew daily, and with manual accounting processes relying on one soon to be retiring staff member, the club realised it needed a change.
Richard Goodley, Chief Finance Officer at Wisley Golf, started looking for a solution that could be easily used by the whole team, with the goal of freeing staff from the amount of work and paper generated by invoices and from manual and time-consuming processes.
After conducting an extensive benchmark, Mr. Goodley chose Yooz as their AP automation solution because it was the only solution that ticked all the boxes: an easy-to-use platform, backed up by powerful AI and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, and quick to set up - with the whole project taking just 4 weeks to be up and running.              

Easy and fast implementation

Within two sessions of online training with their dedicated Yooz expert, the teams were entirely ready to use the AP automation solution. The club named a “Yooz champion” in each team to help other team members and collaborate with Yooz to set up the right workflows.
With six departments and 10 different validations ballots, the club needed to adapt the processes to the individuals using them. With its validation routes, Yooz gave them the opportunity to tailor the processes as they wished. Invoices can be sent by email from the supplier to a special email address, or directly collected on suppliers' portals by Yooz, where they are automatically processed for faster approval and payment to suppliers.

Benefits not only for AP staff but for all the teams

Goodley highlights the fact that advantages are not only for the accounting team but are shared by all employees, including:
  • Reporting: all invoices are saved in one place so that anyone can research it very easily and create bespoke dynamic reports.
  • Transparency: all teams can monitor where their invoices are in the validation process thanks to the workflows.
  • No more human errors or duplicates.
  • Time savings: since they implemented Yooz, the accounting team saved almost 2 days a week in invoices management!
  • Audit: auditors only need a login to have access to all invoices. No need to archive anymore!
Goodley feels that Yooz has modernised their accounting processes, easing the work for all teams. It’s an additional argument for recruiting a new generation of AP staff and offering them the opportunity to focus on value-added tasks. “Our new young account assistant was horrified the other day when she realised that before Yooz, we used to have someone manually keying in the data,“ Goodley said.
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