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Automated Invoice Processing

Do you often wonder if there is a better way to process invoices? The manual process is tedious, time consuming, and overall exhausts all who are involved within the AP department.


Implementing automated invoice processing will eliminate these pain points and allow you and your team to contribute your efforts toward higher added-value tasks. 

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Six Ways to Implement Accounts Payable Invoicing Best Practices


If you are considering automating your AP and invoice processing workflows, or in the process of choosing between solution providers, your success will be based on following accounts payable invoicing best practices and avoiding some common pitfalls. Paying attention to cost reduction, process, optimization, data security, regulatory compliance, and many other factors will give you the results you're looking for - improved efficiency and agility.

A Matter of Recognizing The Benefits of Automatic Invoice Processing


When it comes to invoices, recognizing and understanding the need for automatic invoice processing will create more efficiency with the right solution. Learning how to utilize OCR, machine learning, and smart data extraction with a state-of-art AP automation solution like Yooz, will help you accomplish this goal and stand out from the rest.


Why Innovative Finance Leaders Are Using Invoice Workflow Automation


Innovative Finance leaders are keeping their competitive edge with invoice workflow automation. Here's why we're seeing this sudden upward trend and reasons finance professionals need to continue embrace the evolving AP process.


“One of the most effective ways to improve an organization’s bottom line is to decrease the cost of operations that do not directly contribute to profit, redirecting the freed resources towards strategic, profit-generating initiatives. Automating accounts payable (AP) processes is a perfect example of this opportunity, as it not only reduces the footprint of a high-cost administrative department, but it also creates an opportunity to generate revenue through increased efficiency.”

How to Reduce Manual Invoice Processing for Workplace Freedom


Learn about how to reduce manual invoice processing for workplace freedom with the Yooz solution. We'll give you a glimpse on the benefits and how to use Yooz to your advantage through our cloud-based, complete end-to-end AP automation solution with zero-risk.

The Race to ROI: Buckle in for Shorter AP Processing Times


Your AP processing times matter more than you think. Manually processing invoices can take up to 45 days! This can diminish your profitability and raise the chances of error or delays. With automation, you can benefit from a shorter cycle time and lower cost up to 80% when you implement Yooz's software into your invoicing process.



Reduce costs by 80%. Do more with less.



Cut cycle time to hours. Get discounts.



Gain instant visibility. Stop losing documents.

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