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Automated Invoice Processing

Do you often wonder if there is a better way to process invoices? The manual process is tedious, time consuming, and overall exhausts all who are involved within the AP department.


Implementing automated invoice processing will eliminate these pain points and allow you and your team to contribute your efforts toward higher added-value tasks. 

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Invoice Workflow Automation: Why Finance Leaders Are Making the Switch


Innovative Accounting and Finance leaders are keeping their competitive edge with invoice workflow automation.
According to a payables insight report published by Levvel Research manual data entry, inefficient processes, and manual routing of invoices for approval still top the list for pain points mid-market companies are trying to overcome. They are able to eliminate these pain points, and many more, by automating the Accounts Payable process, creating a touchless invoice and payment processing environment.

As a result of implementing an Accounts Payable automation system businesses are experiencing a reduction in paper invoice volume and quicker approval of invoices.
The most notable trend from the payables report is the upswing in the use of cloud-based AP automation solutions. Adopting an invoice and payment processing automation solution based in the Cloud means companies have “the most versatile and scalable options available” because “they are increasingly flexible, dynamic, and affordable.”
Another notable trend from the report was on the smart technologies being harnessed in invoice and payment automation solutions. Finance leaders are more aware than ever of the intelligent technologies out there and are beginning to ask the right questions when it comes to what is driving the automation solutions they are utilizing. Some of the technologies highlighted include optical character recognition (OCR), smart data extraction, artificial intelligence (AI) and machines learning.

“One of the most effective ways to improve an organization’s bottom line is to decrease the cost of operations that do not directly contribute to profit, redirecting the freed resources towards strategic, profit-generating initiatives. Automating accounts payable (AP) processes is a perfect example of this opportunity, as it not only reduces the footprint of a high-cost administrative department, but it also creates an opportunity to generate revenue through increased efficiency.”

Automatic Invoice Processing: A Matter of Recognition


When it comes to invoices, recognizing and understanding the need for automatic invoice processing will create more efficiency with the right solution. To automate invoice processing and the Accounts Payable workflow you need a combination of the top technologies:


  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) – the conversion of typed images, canned documents, or handwritten text into machine-encoded text
  • Smart Data Extraction – reads the information that OCR is able to capture
  • Machine Learning Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) – takes the data extracted and knows where to put it or what to do with it next and learns the more you use it
  • The Cloud – digitally house all of your files and documents in a secure and easily accessible location.


Smart technology can automate your process from purchase order to payment saving you significant time and money. Learning how to utilize OCR, machine learning, and smart data extraction with a state-of-art AP automation software, will help your organization accomplish this goal and stand out from the rest.


How to Reduce Manual Invoice Processing for Workplace Freedom


Learn about how to reduce manual invoice processing for workplace freedom with a real-time Accounts Payable automation solution. Your company can reduce manual invoice processing by implementing a solution that:
  • Is a Cloud-based Accounts Payable automation solution that you can access anytime, anywhere
  • Offers a zero-risk subscription, pay per invoice processed and that lets you try it for two weeks for free
  • Is a complete end-to-end Invoice and payment processing automation solution
  • Allows your AP staff to spend time on work that adds strategic value by eliminating the need to manually process invoices.

“Because we’ve saved so much time with Yooz, we’ve been able to redeploy our Accounts Payable staff into more strategic, value-added work. They are better organized, have eliminated stress, and feel like they are actually contributing to our company’s success,” - Shawn Delaney, Controller, Bridgevine

Shorten the Time to Process an Invoice: The Race to ROI


Your time to process an invoice matter more than you think. Manually processing invoices can take up to 45 days! This can diminish your profitability and raise the chances of error or delays. With Accounts Payable automation, you can benefit from a shorter cycle time and lower cost up to 80%.
The way to speed things up in the Accounts Payable department and quite literally make money by paying bills is invoice and payment automation. Accounts Payable automation solutions provide a way to create a paperless and touchless invoice and payment workflow. No more time-consuming manual data entry. No more chasing colleagues down to get invoices paid on time. No more late payment fees.
Why limit the reduced time for the Accounts Payable process to just the invoice processing steps? Instead of wasting time cutting checks epayments provide several benefits for businesses improving their automation. ePayments not only save time but enable agility of payments, improve compliance, mitigate fraud, and provide a superior about of visibility into a businesses cash flow.

Six Accounts Payable Invoicing Best Practices


If you are considering automating your Accounts Payable and invoice processing workflows, or in the process of choosing between solution providers, your success will be based on following accounts payable invoicing best practices and avoiding some common pitfalls.

  1. Save time processing your invoices
  2. Understand your invoice and payment process from a vendor or supplier point of view
  3. Do not ignore the need for an audit trail
  4. Choose an all-in-one AP automation solution provider
  5. Pick an invoice processing automation software that utilizes the top technologies to automate your Accounts Payable workflow
  6. Try before you buy with a risk-free Accounts Payable automation solution.


There are a number of other best practices to keep in mind when looking for the best Accounts Payable automation solution to optimize your invoice and payment process, but these should be at the top of your list.

Accounts Payable Invoice Automation


Technology has come a long way in how we use robotic automation and process automation in our lives and work. The benefits of incorporating accounts payable invoicing automation can be immediately impactful.


  • Don’t get Swamped with Paper Invoices
  • Save Time and Money with Accounts Payable Automation Software
  • Solve Multiple Cycle Time Problems  with Software for Accounts Payable Automation
  • Accounts Payable Automation Software Keeps on Learning and Boosting ROI
  • Pay the Way You Like - Thanks to End-to-End Accounts Payable Automation Software


Once a business transforms their operations with paperless and intelligent invoice automation they see an increase in visibility and profits. In the old invoicing system, amounts and account numbers could be mistyped, incorrect invoices might go undetected, other invoices might end up being misplaced. An end-to-end platform such as Yooz can automatically process incoming invoices without any prior configuration for a fraction of the cost while offering your organization real-time visibility.

In the Flow and in the Know: Accounts Payable Invoice Workflow Automation


When it comes to strategic innovation, the accounts payable function is often overlooked. Opting for accounts payable invoice workflow automation can help save you time and money, providing tangible improvements to your productivity and bottom line. With the way Yooz leverages  robotic process automation and machine learning,  companies can take advantage of a myriad of benefits that increase productivity such as:


  • An 80% reduction in processing cost per invoice
  •  Cut cycle times by just as much, from weeks down to hours
  •  Significantly slash error rates and fraud 
  •  Improve visibility to better handle cash flow
  • Up their strategic planning beyond the finance department
The benefits of a completely automated workflow are well documented. The experts at Levvel Research surveyed more than 300 professionals involved in or with knowledge of their organization’s payables process for their 2021 Payables Report and had this to say: 



Automatic Invoice Processing: A Matter of Recognition

Systems for automatic invoice processing and Accounts Payable automation have made ingesting invoices a much easier task, it’s worth taking a closer look at how we at Yooz have built a cloud-based solution that is faster and more accurate than an experienced human.
To automate invoice processing and the Accounts Payable workflow you need a combination of the top technologies: optical character recognition, smart data extraction, machine learning-powered by artificial intelligence, and the Cloud. The Yooz Accounts Payable automation solution is the best at leveraging those technologies in one easy-to-use platform.
  • OCR: It starts with optical character recognition (OCR). OCR is the mechanical or electronic conversion of images of typed, printed, or even handwritten text, into machine-encoded text.
  • Smart Data Extraction: The next layer -- smart data extraction -- is where the magic starts to happen. Smart data extraction technology basically “reads” each invoice. It can understand and process the text from the OCR and transform it into relevant data. OCR by itself does not know what to do with the information it sees, but the “smart” in smart data extraction adds a crucial capability: software can now take the text and do something with it, instantly making the life of every Accounts Payable clerk so much easier.

"Organizations that manage their AP via automation software were able to ensure business continuity without skipping a beat. Not only does this accounting software automate many of the low-value, tactical tasks of invoicing, but it also facilitates remote work. So, as long as employees have internet access, AP is able to operate seamlessly.”



Reduce costs by 80%. Do more with less.



Cut cycle time to hours. Get discounts.



Gain instant visibility. Stop losing documents.

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