The value of Yooz is unparalleled

  • AI, Deep Learning, and RPA: 80% of invoices automated without prior configuration.
  • Only Yooz combines real-time AI performance with extreme simplicity and maximum business richness.
  • Start in 1 hour without training.
  • All-in-One: automate every step of your P2P process, from purchase request to payment in one platform.



With Yooz Rising, Yooz redefines the standards of AP automation while ensuring an unbeatable ROI 

  • Yooz removes all barriers to AP & P2P automation adoption by providing a powerful, easy-to-use, cloud-based solution that offers a unique combination of:
  • The smartest real-time automation thanks to a unique blend of AI, Deep Learning, and Big Data-based technologies, leveraging the unmatched power of over 200 million invoices and more than 1 million vendors in the Yooz community.
  • The most intuitive and modern user experience.
  • On the widest functional perimeter  - from the expression of need to the invoice payment - and the most secure thanks to AI applied to document fraud detection, to the Reliable Audit Trail and to the regulatory compliance.
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Step by step, how does the solution work?

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How Yooz Rising differentiates itself from its competitors:

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Yooz is natively integrated with your accounting software, your ERP, or your production tool, and has over 250 connectors.

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Our business experience is unrivalled

  • Over 5,000 customers, 200,000 companies, and 200 million documents processed.
  • Plug-and-Play: Simply integrate AP Automation into your information system with 250+ native connectors.
  • Integrated and deployed accounts in 44 countries.
  • 400 accounting and purchasing experts: from multi-currency to multi-journal.

We are Innovation

  • 1 single focus: automatic document processing.
  • 100+ scientific publications focusing on AI and Deep Learning.
  • 25% of income reinvested in R&D annually.
  • 1,000+ R&D man-years.
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Yooz is strong and durable

  • Born in the Cloud in 2010.
  • +40% growth per year.
  • Active in 44 countries.
  • Recognized by prestigious awards, recommended and used by the global financial ecosystem.

Recognized Worldwide

  • 9 of the 10 largest accounting firms use and recommend Yooz to their clients.
  • Recognition from the global financial ecosystem with the most prestigious awards.
  • An unparalleled proximity with ERP editors based on 250+ active connectors.
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Find out why you should urgently leave your manual processes behind!

  • 90% of companies have been confronted with different types of disruption in their business models due to digital transformation.
  • Reduce costs by 80%.
  • Protect your business from document and invoice fraud.

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