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Automated Financial Systems

A good automated financial system can benefit companies of all sizes by automating processes and reducing hours of tedious work. With Yooz, you can leverage real-time invoice capture and automation with seamless integration with your financial system, allowing you and your business to focus on what really matters.

Automated Financial Systems

ERP Integration and Yooz Automation: What, Why, and How

ERPs come in many shapes and sizes. Some are simple and nimble affairs, tailored to the needs of small and midsized businesses (SMBs), others are powerful, big machines that let a multinational corporation track almost any input from purchasing and HR to marketing. This means that a seamless and painless AP automation and ERP integration is not a cookie-cutter thing. With Yooz it doesn’t have to be.
The Yooz top-of-the-line AP automation software seamlessly connects to, currently, more than 250 ERP financial systems for real-time ERP automation. In addition, our team of customer success managers, engineers, and customer support specialists is available to help with the entire integration process to provide a seamless, complete end-to-end solution for your accounts payable process.
What does this look like? How do you get the most out of your ERP?
  • Yooz’s AP automation software pushes and pulls data to and from the ERP system instantly, ensuring everything's always up to date.

  • Yooz also pushes the image of each individual invoice to an ERP system like Sage Intacct.

  • Yooz talks to the purchasing module and pulls relevant purchase orders and recipients.

  • In addition to invoices, Yooz pushes other document types to close a purchase order (P.O.) and updates the invoice to "paid" directly in the ERP system.

Yooz and Microsoft Dynamics GP: The Best User Experience


ERP software is capable of many things on its own but according to the 2021 Levvels Payable Report “Third-party AP tools are the most modern option available and do the most effective job of automating and computerizing the invoicing process. Organizations that use these tools report the highest levels of satisfaction and automation. This is because they have features designed to eliminate much of the busywork of AP, which frees up staff to focus on more strategic tasks, such as supplier negotiation and improving discount capture.”

In other words, integrating an automated AP system can vastly improve its performance.

The partnership between Yooz and the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Accounts Payable Automation process is one such example, allowing companies to take modernizing their invoice and payment process to the next level.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Accounts Payable Automation with Yooz


Enterprise Resource Platform (ERP) software is capable of many things on its own but integrating an automated AP system can vastly improve performance. A great example is the partnership of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Accounts Payable Automation with Yooz.

Thanks to a tailored connection between the two and the Yooz cloud-based platform, setup and customization is fast and easy.  Seamless data exchange improves connectivity and communication. The advanced search feature allows for quick retrieval of documents and invoices, while administrators gain insights into the workflow and access historical data. Real-time reports and metrics facilitate data-driven decision-making, simplifying month-end reporting and audits. With all this and more, what isn’t to like?

Oracle NetSuite & Yooz AP Invoice and Payment Processing Automation


Manually processing invoices is time-consuming, resource-intensive and error-prone. That is why leveraging payment processing automation with NetSuite ap automation is so important. Accounts payable automation has long been ripe for transformation. The repetitive nature of the job makes it an obvious area that can stand to significantly benefit from the help of technology. Yooz Accounts Payable Automation features full integration with NetSuite, meaning that everything you do in the Yooz platform automatically and accurately syncs with with NetSuite without the need to get involved.


Not only that, but Yooz has ‘Built for Netsuite’ status, meaning that Yooz’s cloud-based accounts payable system meets the strict development standards and best practices of the Oracle NetSuite SuiteCloud Platform. Invoices can be received and originate from any kind of source, such as email, supplier portal, or mobile. Once collected by Yooz, the technology records them in the NetSuite system, updates the information in real-time, and sends images of invoices directly to the NetSuite software to be processed - all without the need to press a single button.


But it’s the wider benefits to the entire business that really sets AP automation apart from other technologies, including:


  • 80% reduction in costs compared to paper processing than paper processing
  • Divide proceeding time by 5 to 20
  • Increased security and supplier relationships with invoices always paid on time



Intelligent 3-Way Matching in Oracle Fueled by Yooz

Automating with intelligent 3-way matching cross-references information across platforms to ensure that your invoices are valid. This in turn significantly helps to avoid fraudulent or unauthorized activity including overpaying or duplication and creates a clear audit trail for compliance.

The seamless and smart integration between Yooz accounts payable automation and Oracle NetSuite means that everything that happens in one platform is automatically and accurately synched with the other. Oracle NetSuite users will consistently have the real-time data that they need for insights and strategic decision-making.

Yooz and Karmak DMS


Yooz provides the smartest, most powerful, and easiest-to-use cloud-based AP invoice and payment automation solution. The platform is technologically advanced yet offers extreme simplicity, traceability, and end-to-end customization.

Karmak DMS is a leading provider of business process management solution software for the commercial transportation industry. That means their software covers important, industry-specific tracking needs including parts, service, lease/rental, and training.
A fusion of the two– a true partnership – and the resulting seamless integration of the two systems provides the ability to manage every aspect of the heavy-duty industry.

The Partnership Between Yooz and PBS Systems

Sales, leasing, rentals, financing… These are all common transactions in the transportation industry and hard enough to coordinate in just one location. Magnify this by anywhere from one to dozens of automotive dealerships, add on frequent inter-location product transport, and you quickly have a mountain of paperwork. For any numbers-based organization, paperwork leads to errors.

Thanks to the partnership between the two companies, the seamless integration between the Yooz automation platform and the PBS DMS system provides customers with the most efficient and automated AP process available. A win situation for all!

DealerTrack Technologies and Yooz


The partnership between DealerTrack Technologies and Yooz ensures a better buying, borrowing, and service experience for both employees and customers. Of course, there are numerous cost and time savings, however the integrated DMS and AP automation system also provides a holistic view of real-time data which in turn, allows both management and employees to have the right information to leverage at the tight time, making strategic decisions backed by actual market and operational insights.

How to Boost your Oracle Accounts Payable Process


While ERP systems are extremely capable masters of all trades, the very fact that they have such a broad capability has a flip side. A generalist - in this case the ERP - often lacks the type of special functionalities and features offered by automated financial systems.

Yooz and Oracle NetSuite have partnered together to create a powerful end-to-end process that supercharges the Oracle accounts payable process flow. Thanks to the seamless integration between the two, every action along the Accounts Payable workflow is automatically and accurately synced. This in turn improves the Oracle experience and ensures better results.

Why AP Automation For QuickBooks


Integration of an AP automation platform such as Yooz with QuickBooks provides businesses with a better, more comprehensive, and customized payable process. Small and medium-sized businesses have access to the same technology as larger organizations and reap similar benefits. The ability to achieve a highly optimized process means that it's worth writing a new chapter with your QuickBooks installation. One with straight-through processing, where humans have to rarely or never touch an invoice once captured by the system. One which save time and money. Learn more about QuickBooks AP automation powered by Yooz.

Strength in Numbers: The Power of SAP AP Automation

If you are looking to get the most out of your digital transformation - leveraging technology to grow faster, enter new markets, improves resiliency, and just remain competitive - the power combo of Yooz plus SAP is the AP automation solution to make it happen. The partnership offers a seamless integration right out of the box, where information is shared (and searchable) between companies in real time. This means that together the two companies are operating as a single (now supercharged) system that makes the entire workflow from the moment a PO is issued to payment easy to track, fast to search, and thanks to Yooz's advanced three-way matching process much more secure against errors and fraud.

SAP AP automation with Yooz will help unlock a new level of productivity and efficiency, one characterized by paying every invoice on time and empowering the team with maximum freedom to be creative and love their job. Not only does it usher in a new level of capability when working with automated financial systems, it supports you in getting the maximum return out of your ERP system investment.

More Clout in the Cloud: Sage X3 Plus Accounts Payable Automation


Established businesses in any industry that are ready to grow need an enterprise resource planning platform (ERP) that gives them greater efficiency, flexibility, and insight. A state-of-the-art system should run in the cloud and handle all their needs, from managing production processes and their supply chain - including sales, inventory, purchasing, financing, and manufacturing - to financial management across multiple sites or multiple countries.  
Sage X3 is such a cloud-based ERP platform, delivering delivers real-time data visibility to streamline processes and enhance strategic decision making. It delivers even more bang for the buck when it’s integrated with a specialized and powerful system for purchase-to-pay automation like Yooz.
Explore how Sage X3 accounts payable can be supercharged thanks to an automated financial system.

Off to the Races With Acumatica AP Document Recognition


There’s a belief that nothing is perfect but rather, there is always some room for improvement. Therefore, when Acumatica added document recognition to their existing Accounts Payable (AP) process, they still looked for partners to complement (and improve on) their existing capabilities.

Yooz, a cloud-based AP automation focused platform, takes Acumatica AP document recognition to the next level. By helping businesses speed up and create a more secure invoice payables process, the Acumatica/Yooz team addresses and overcomes one of the most common problems in the AP payables process: delays.

Yooz and Sage 100 AP Automation: A Partnership for Success


If your AP team already works with Sage 100 AP automation, adding cloud based Yooz into the mix creates a powerful combination that will help maximize your investment in the Sage 100 system. From leveraging technology to grow faster, enter new markets, improve resiliency, or just remain competitive this partnership will help make it happen.

How to Up Your Sage 200cloud Accounts Payable Abilities


Having an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system in place can be an important factor in gaining control over your business, allowing you to manage and share key business information across a company using a single integrated system.

Even better? Expanding the power of that ERP system with the capabilities of a dedicated automated financial system. And when you ensure a seamless integration you’ll get a powerful holistic digital experience that offers a long-term competitive advantage. This is Yooz and Sage 200cloud accounts payable.

Is an Automated Vendor Payment System a Good Idea


Having an automated AP system doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll also have an automated vendor payment system. However, NOT having one in place means that you are possibly missing out on significant benefits. It also means that your automated system can actually be even more streamlined; instead of purchase-to-pay your system becomes purchase-to-payment.

What is a Non-Profit ERP?


Non-profit organizations operate with a mission-driven focus, emphasizing social impact over financial gain. As a result, effective management of their operations and finances becomes essential for their success. This is where automated financial systems – specifically a non-profit-specific Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system - comes into play, offering a centralized platform that integrates and manages various aspects of their operations. Here we examine how the non-profit ERP systems cater specifically to the unique needs of the non-profit organization and enables them to achieve their missions more effectively.

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