AP Automation for Acumatica

Explore the power of Acumatica + Yooz's comprehensive Accounts Payable (AP) automation solution with limitless user access. Streamline your invoice and payment process while maintaining the freedom to customize your workflows. Gain instant insights into costs, inventory, operations, and financials in real-time.


When ERP Meets AP Automation: One Intuitive Interface From Purchase to Payment







Integration with accounts payable automation specialists Yooz and cloud-based ERP Acumatica, enhances document recognition and invoice processing, addressing common challenges such as delays in the accounts payable process. The partnership streamlines the relay race of data input and extraction, leveraging Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for efficient digitization. The seamless collaboration between Acumatica and Yooz extends from document recognition to approval, offering a real-time, cloud-based solution for payments, reconciliation, and financial intelligence. Ultimately, this dynamic duo ensures significant cost savings, reduced cycle times, and vendor satisfaction, making them a winning team for AP automation.


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The AP Automation Process Integration Between Yooz and Acumatica



Off to the Races With  the Acumatica Certified Complete AP Automation of Yooz




Unlock the synergy between efficiency and simplicity with Yooz Accounts Payable automation seamlessly integrated into Acumatica. With the Yooz cloud-based P2P automation platform create a truly customized workflow from purchase to payment in one user-friendly platform. Just a few of the benefits of a true AP automation solution include: 
  •  Flexibility Tailored Just for You: Flexible and dynamic workflows for invoice and payment approvals. Yooz can be customized to match your business needs, giving you the power to run things your way. 
  • Bye, Bye Manual Data Entry: Thanks to the smartest data extraction you can ditch manual data entry and the errors and risk that comes with it. Upload any document type and AI-powered optical character recognition (OCR) technology in Yooz will take it from there. 
  • Unlimited User Access: Enjoy unlimited user access and pay only for what you use. As your team grows, so does Yooz – it's the must have FinTech for scaling and growing your organization.
  • Real-time Insights on the Go: Need the information ASAP? Get real-time visibility wherever you are, on any device. Your business analytics and financial data, right in your pocket!
  • User-Friendly All the Way: Don't sweat the tech stuff. Thanks to the modern user experience of Yooz invoice and payment approval processes are easy to learn even for the tech-shy. Your business, simplified.

  • Customers Rule: We're all about you! Yooz is a customer centric organization. From dedicated implementation and live support, to an extensive help center and virtual training sessions your success is our success!

  • Growth and Scalability Accessed: Yooz is your ticket to seamless collaborations and supercharged efficiency with AI-powered automation. Your business, future-proofed.
If you are looking to help your business thrive, reach out today to transform your invoice processing with Yooz AP automation - the perfect partner for swift, efficienct, and streamlined invoice management!

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