Reduce Invoice and Payment Processing Costs by an Average of 80%. No Hidden Costs. All Inclusive.

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Two Steps to Calculate Potential Savings with Yooz

Step 1

Estimate your savings with Yooz

Estimate unit cost of processing an invoice*

Select the Number of Monthly Invoices Processed


* The unit costs of processing an invoice are based on studies carried out by recognized analyst firms such as Aberdeen, Arthur D. Litlle, BVA, IOFM or Levvel.

Annual cost with manual processing

$ 18,348

Estimated annual cost of processing with Yooz

$ 2,388.00

Estimated annual savings automating with Yooz

$ 15,960.00

This calculator allows you to assess how much you could save by processing your documents with Yooz. It has no contractual value.

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Turn your AP department from a cost center to a profit contributor with Yooz

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