Tekion + Yooz: End-to-End Automation for the AP Process

Go beyond document management and access the power of complete Accounts Payable (AP) automation from purchase to payment. Yooz seamlessly integrates with Tekion to deliver customized, efficient, and scalable automation for the entire invoice and payemnt approval process.


Why settle for ordinary when you can have the best AP automation with Yooz?







For Tekion users, Yooz your ticket to hassle-free finances from purchase to payment. This isn't just automation; it's your growth companion, made for organizations with simple workflows and single-site access as well as businesses with multiple entities or locations and complex approval processes. Approvals become a breeze, and invoice payments are orchestrated with precision. 


The API connection Yooz has with Tekion is the first of it's kind which allows for unparalleled integrations and real time data exchanges. No delays, just access to up-to-date and accurate financial data when you need it.


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How Does The Yooz Process Work?


Tekion Yooz workflow diagram


A few of the many advantages of adding Yooz P2P automation to your Accounts Payable process with Tekion include: 
  • Full AP Powerhouse: Yooz isn't just a tool; it's the complete invoice and payment approval process from purchase to payment, making your AP journey seamless.

  • Grow Without Limits: Yooz is your business companion that scales up as you grow. It's multi-entity friendly and welcomes as many users as you need.

  • Tekion Dream Team: We're not just integrated; we're exclusive. As the only API for AP automation with Tekion, we're setting the bar high for that perfect synergy.

  • Tailor-Made Automation: One size fits none! Yooz crafts a solution just for you, with customization options that match your unique workflow needs.

  • Real Humans, Real Help: Our live support and implementation experts are on hand to guide you through every step – because real problems need real solutions.

  • Budget-Friendly Brilliance: Yooz doesn't just save you money; it's a financial superhero. Do more with less, whether you're freeing up staff for high-value tasks or waiting for the dream team to grow.

  • Fortress Against Fraud: Mitigate risk and prevent fraud thanks to automatic duplicate detections and digital audit trails. Yooz takes fraud and risk seriously, ensuring your financial world stays secure and stress-free.

  • PO Matching Magic: No more paper headaches! Yooz brings precision to your records with PO matching, ensuring accuracy even when dealing with multiple purchase orders for one invoice.

If you are looking to help your business thrive, reach out today to transform your invoice processing with Yooz AP automation - the perfect partner for swift, efficienct, and streamlined invoice management!

Beyond document management, you need complete AP automation from purchase to payment.


Complete Accounts Payable Automation outshines document management systems by not just organizing paperwork but revolutionizing your entire AP invoice and payment approval process. It goes beyond file storage, offering seamless integration with Tekion, automating approvals, and accelerating payment workflows for unparalleled efficiency.


It's not just about managing documents; it's about transforming the way you handle payables, making your financial operations a well-oiled machine.

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