The Most Advanced Paperless AP and Invoice Payment Automation Solutions

Many companies like yours are streamlining the AP process workflow by leveraging intelligent end-to-end and real-time AP automation technology across ERP systems to improve their invoice management, from procurement to payment (P2P) of invoices. AP automation is the new normal, and the Yooz solution provides the best artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies to help AP departments unleash their creative and innovative power for better security and control with invoice automation.

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If you could accomplish these five things and save time, save money, and dramatically improve your business processes, why wouldn’t you?

  • Completely paperless AP
  • Online real-time supplier relationship management
  • Same day invoice approval
  • Ability to capture cash back and available early payment discounts
  • Mobile access to invoice approval and communication

How Does It Work?

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Yooz Features - Step by Step

Yooz Rising is Real-Time Cloud P2P Automation

Our ambition is to deliver the highest ROI in the most powerful P2P Automation solution on the market thanks to:

  • The most intuitive and modern user experience on the market allows your finance team complete control over their invoice process
  • The smartest real-time automation technologies thanks to a unique blend of AI Deep Learning and Big Data-based technologies (1M+ vendors mutualized data set)
  • The most powerful and most secured features: from regulation-compliant traceability to AI-based fraud detection.
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Automate Purchase-to-Pay Automation using workflows:

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No Touch

No touch

Straight Through Processing – Touchless document - Scalable : intelligent workflows to automate your data capture, approvals and payments:

  • AI, Machine Learning, RPA and Big Data (1M+ vendors) automate real-time GL coding and PO matching with no prior settings
  • Approve or reject using smart workflows and in-app mailbox and by adding attachments to support your decisions
  • YoozPay: Approve, process, confirm payment and get your ERP updated with a complete and agile payment solution
  • YoozStamp and YoozSmartSplit: 100% of documents are separated automatically which means less paperwork for your AP department
  • Eliminate errors from manual processes
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Capture all your documents in one place:

  • Multi-channel: 100% of your invoices, vendor payments, PR, PO, credit notes, goods receipt and more, captured via e-mail, drag & drop, mobile, scan, sFTP for multiple formats: PDF, Factur-X, UBL, CII, EDIFACT…

  • AI-based smart data extraction.
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Plug & Play Export – ERP Integration

Invoice capture and automation seamlessly integrated with your accounting software:

  • Automatic import and update of master data: vendors, chart of accounts, PO, tax profiles, users using Active Directory, purchasing catalog, and budgeting.
  • Natively integration with 250+ ERPs worldwide: accounting lines, payment order, and more.
  • Integration with Document Management Systems and business software with images and indexes
  • New connectors are built every day.
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Get Cash Back with Digital Invoice Payment Workflow

  • Approve payment
  • Pay invoices individually or as a batch
  • Vendor receives payment (Virtual Credit Card, ACH, eCheck, Paper Check)
  • Get your invoice payment status updated
  • Get your ERP updated
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Search – Lookup – Monitoring – KPIs

All documents stored securely in the Cloud:

  • Gain instant visibility into your AP process and stop losing documents
  • Easily capture, index, search and archive all types of documents and classify them in dynamic folders and assembling supporting documents with digital “stapling”
  • Easy to search and find thanks to a unique combination of keywords-based search and multicriteria search.
  • Monitor your partners and negotiate discounts with robust reporting dashboard.
  • YoozReports lets you build, visualize, and optimize your P2P solution's KPIs with the power of Excel
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Security – Compliance

Benefit from the highest level of security and compliance:

  • YoozFakeDetection: automatic detection of document fraud and forged documents (invoice, order...) and authentication of the original document
  • Automatic detection of duplicates and inconsistent data (bank reference, amount, date ...) based on usage data
  • Systematic and automatic application of internal control rules using Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Traceability of interventions allowing the identification of the fraudster and their actions
  • "Checksum" signature calculation for original document authentication
  • Cloud-hosted platform with highest level of security
  • Regulatory compliance with a trusted partner (audit trail, legal archiving, timestamp, …).
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Achieve seamless invoice capture and approval anytime, anywhere, optimizing efficiency and elevating productivity.

  • Streamline invoice capture to prevent document loss
  • Effortlessly synchronize with the Yooz Rising web application, ensuring convenient access to documents
  • Access your complete document repository from any location, ensuring a comprehensive and consistent view of the document’s history
  • YoozMobile transforms the invoice management experience, enabling businesses to effortlessly streamline financial operations while on the go
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Benefit from a dedicated Project Support and a personalized User Support:

  • Consulting, Configuration, Training and Remote or On-Site Assistance services to support the implementation of your project
  • Multi-channel User Support: chat, customer portal, e-mail, telephone to contact a Yooz engineer at any time and know the status of your requests
  • A knowledge base (videos, contextual help, articles,...) to help you use Yooz better
  • A Yooz Insider Webinar training for continuous training of your users.
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