Yooz AP automation and Sage Intacct take ERP integrations to a new level

The powerful combo of Sage Intacct plus Yooz takes ERP automation to a whole new level. That’s due to the hands-free push and pull of your company's information between the two systems, making it easier than ever to reduce costs and cycle times when you don't have to spend additional money on materials you would need for manual processing.

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Yooz plus Sage Intacct AP automation will provide your business with:


  • Fresh Data: Data is sent and updated to and from Sage Intacct instantly for the most up-to-date information in real-time.
  • Image Push: Yooz is the only solution that pushes the actual image of the invoice to Sage Intacct's system.
  • P.O. Integration: Yooz connects with the purchasing module and pulls over the purchase orders or receivers.
  • And there’s more: Yooz sends other document types to the ERP system, too, so a P.O. can be closed directly in Sage Intacct after approval, and an invoice status will automatically be updated to “paid”.


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A Powerful Combination: Yooz and Sage Intacct AP Automation


If your AP team works with Sage Intacct AP Automation adding Yooz into the mix will vastly improve their workflow by allowing them to get more done with less time.


Thanks to a painless and seamless integration with Sage Intacct, Yooz can automatically handle all the key tasks from procurement to payment in your workflow. Our AP automation software will help:


  • Issue purchase orders and later match them to the corresponding invoices before payments are processed.
  • Capture invoices with cutting-edge optical character recognition (OCR) and machine-learning algorithms.
  • Verify all the details in an invoice to flag erroneous, fraudulent or duplicate submissions while simultaneously indexing every amount and word in every invoice for later searches or audits.
  • Route invoices for quick and frictionless approval, no matter what devices your business' AP department chooses to use.
  • Initiate payment just in time to optimize cash management, avoid late fees and lock in potential early-pay discounts your vendor offers.

The end result of integrating Yooz and Sage Intacct is a seamless, paperless, streamlined workflow from purchase-to-pay.

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