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Straightforward, quick, and pain-free.



A strong and compliant approval & purchase order process.



Invoices are automatically matched to the PO, without the need for human intervention.

PayByPhone adopts Yooz AI software to make accounts payable effortless


Established in 2009, PayByPhone is a cashless parking provider offering digital payment options for motorists in the U.K., France, and Canada. With more than 300 employees, PayByPhone has experienced significant growth in the past three years. As the amount of financial transactions increased, the company realized it needed a paperless AP system to support its growth and to get rid of manual, time-consuming and costly tasks.


Jade DeCrescenzo, UK Finance Director at PayByPhone, explained: “As we were growing, our existing system was no longer adapted, and we were looking for an all-in-one solution that could automate our P2P process. We received most of the invoices online, but we had to extract the data and report it manually in Sage. We also struggled with the procurement process for approval, and we had a very low-level PO system using Excel.”


DeCrescenzo explained that the old process was to log information on Excel and then update manually when an invoice came in. Not only was this time-consuming, it meant information was never up-to-date and ended up producing a lot of mistakes.



Robust and compliant AP software: critical business requirement


PaybyPhone therefore needed a robust system that could automate their 2,500 annual invoices while offering a perfect integration with Sage 300 ERP. Learn more about Yooz connection with Sage 300.

"We chose Yooz over other solutions on the market because of its intelligent and powerful approval system - without a doubt the best I’ve ever used! Before Yooz, the finance and accounting team used to approve all purchases manually by email. This was not scalable and led to a bunch of mistakes."

Jade DeCrescenzo

UK Finance Director

Implementing AP automation: a smooth, quick process that brought staff on board


Today, the PayByPhone accounts payable team can quickly and easily raise purchase orders in Yooz. As soon as an invoice is received, it is automatically matched to the PO immediately, without the need for human intervention.

“Working with Yooz was just like the platform - straightforward, quick, and pain-free. After going live, the feedback from the accounts payable team was that we have received a very responsive, flexible, and user-friendly platform, but the removal of manual tasks as well as relying on a strong and compliant approval &purchase order process are the biggest change for us." DeCrescenzo concludes.

“What’s more, financial documents are incredibly easy to find and view, and the time saved processing invoice data is so much quicker thanks to the OCR technology. All in all it’s been a very successful software adoption.”

Jade DeCrescenzo

UK Finance Director

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