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Sage Intacct – Yooz: the most compatible AP automation solution

Yooz AP automation and Sage Intacct take ERP integrations to a new level

The powerful combo of Sage Intacct plus Yooz takes ERP automation to a whole new level. That’s due to the hands-free push and pull of your company's information between the two systems, making it easier than ever to reduce costs and cycle times when you don't have to spend additional money on materials you would need for manual processing.


 Yooz plus Sage Intacct AP automation will provide your business with:

  • Fresh Data: Data is sent and updated to and from Sage Intacct instantly for the most up-to-date information in real-time.
  • Image Push: Yooz is the only solution that pushes the actual image of the invoice to Sage Intacct's system.
  • P.O. Integration: Yooz connects with the purchasing module and pulls over the purchase orders or receivers.
  • And there’s more: Yooz sends other document types to the ERP system, too, so a P.O. can be closed directly in Sage Intacct after approval, and an invoice status will automatically be updated to “paid”.


Watch a full demonstration of Yooz + Sage Intacct


“We are always looking for the best solutions for Sage Intacct customers to improve their operational performance. Yooz offers a very efficient, agile, simple and quick solution to implement regardless the size of companies and volume of invoices”

Product Marketing Manager at Sage Intacct

Watch a full demonstration of Yooz + Sage Intacct

Clients who use Sage Intacct and Yooz every day are more than happy with their experience.


"Many of the providers we considered offered a 500-pound solution for our 10-pound problem. Yooz, seamlessly integrated with the Sage Intacct ERP, was the perfect fit. And it will scale as we grow.” - Tim Carter, Chief Financial Officer, Salsarita’s

“With the combined integration of Yooz and Sage Intacct you have a single source of the truth. Everything is captured in one place” - Adam Maurer, CPA, CFO of the consulting firm Deutser.


“At the core of what we do, we are a Premier Sage partner, selling and supporting the entire line of Sage products with its seamless integration, Yooz feels like an extension of the Sage Intacct system, not a bolt-on product." - Dan Krishman, Kerr’s Sage Intacct Practice Manager, Kerr Consulting



Watch a full demonstration of Yooz + Sage Intacct


Why Yooz for Sage Intacct: ​ NO ONE Does What We Do

The end result of integrating Yooz and Sage Intacct AP Automation is a seamless, paperless, streamlined workflow from purchase-to-pay. Our smart AP automation integration boosts not only productivity but morale since it empowers your finance and AP teams to focus on what they know best and enjoy most: Creating innovative ways to find real value-added opportunities and building long-term relationships with suppliers instead of shuffling through piles of paper invoices and hours of manual data entry.




Watch a full demonstration of Yooz + Sage Intacct