Yooz Client Success Story - Deutser

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Industry:    Consulting 

Location:    Houston, Texas

ERP:             Sage Intacct

Invoices:    100/month

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60% reduction in time processing payables



Greater customer satisfaction with more timely and detailed information about spending


Employee Satisfaction

Happier, more efficient employees with new value-added responsibilities

“With the Yooz and Sage Intacct combined integration you have a single source of the truth. It’s easy to find and manage every step of the AP workflow because everything is captured in one place. We have full visibility into the entire ledger.”

Adam Maurer, CPA,


Deutser’s AP Challenges and the Yooz AP Automation Solution


Deutser has experienced consistent year over year growth. When its shared service center relocated from Detroit to Houston, the firm reimagined everything about its business operations. And automating its AP workflow quickly rose to the top of the list. At that time it was a manual-laden process: Invoices were entered manually, hand-coded with a stamp or sticker, and the correct person tracked down for approvals.
Adam Maurer, Deutser’s CFO, began a search for an AP Automation provider, looking for a thought leader in the space that could introduce AP workflow best practices. He further narrowed his options based on providers that had prior integration experience with Intacct and were listed on the Sage Intacct Marketplace.
Compatibility with Deutser’s ERP was a key consideration for Maurer. “Yooz AP Automation platform allows robust administrator access and customization, and I was thrilled with the cost.” He had used AP Automation before and knew it would make sense for their firm. “The workforce at Deutser is young and agile and was ready to move from a manual process to something more innovative, cloud-based, efficient and accurate.”
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Main Pain Points

  1. Manual-laden process at every step
  2. Equivalent of 1.5 employees processing invoices, payments, and questions
  3. High volume of customer complaints
  4. Little visibility into AP workflow
  5. High margin of error
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According to Maurer, implementation was the easiest part of the entire transition process. “The integration with our Intacct ERP was so much smoother than I imagined,” he said. “And when the platform presents error prompts, they are actually intuitive and helpful, not a result of kinks in the system.”
Deutser rolled out the Yooz and Intacct integrated platforms simultaneously, and they functioned seamlessly. The process took less than two weeks.

“For every question we posed to Yooz the answer was ‘yes’.” “The team added value by offering industry best practices for us to consider. They didn’t just bring a typical solution, but one that helped us be better ourselves and for our clients.”

- Adam Maurer, CPA, CFO

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