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Transforming Arctic Finance with AP Automation


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Business:           Not-for-profit

Invoices:            251-500/month

Employees:        60

Location:           Clyde River, Nunavut, Canada

ERP:                     NetSuite

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Located in Clyde River, a remote fly-in community in the Arctic, Ilisaqsivik Society is an Inuit-led not-for-profit charity that serves as a central hub for the Inuit community in the northeastern territory of Canada. The organization is dedicated to meeting a wide range of community needs, offering essential services, including a library, school breakfast program, and counseling in the Inuktitut language while preserving cultural heritage through a Heritage and Research Center. Despite experiencing tremendous growth, Ilisaqsivik remains committed to enhancing the well-being of individual Inuit members. This dedication reflects ongoing efforts to safeguard cultural heritage while actively shaping a promising future.



Completely transparent process for everyone involved



Data security to safeguard from fraud




Efficient processing, approval, and payment

The Challenge


Lisa Morel-Misener, a virtual CFO working under contract, and Sandy Berry, a remote Finance Manager under a similar contractual arrangement, faced significant challenges in managing the financial aspects of their responsibilities. First, the existing mostly paper-based system to report on 50+ projects plus operational costs, contract labor, and other expenses created a complex workload. Historically invoices were received, uploaded, downloaded, signed, and saved manually, became overly time-consuming. The diverse nature of the invoices added complexity to an already challenging process. “I would say that we weren’t seeing accuracy issues,” state Morel-Misener, “but we were seeing that the data entry and approvals were taking a lot of time, and we were behind.”


Second, complicating matters further, the process involved multiple approvers, divisions, and programs. Finally, the number of invoices varied widely, ranging from 250 to 400 depending on factors such as seasonal fluctuations including increased programming and vacation time during the summer.


To streamline and enhance the efficiency of their financial operations, Lisa and Sandy recognized the pressing need for change.


“I love to know that our auditors can access proof of our controls and have the flexibility to grant access to any tax auditor. Furthermore, Yooz enables the review of any transaction for anyone who steps into my role, ensuring transparency and accountability.”

– Lisa Morel-Misener, Chief Financial Officer at Ilisaqsivik

The Solution


Ilisaqsivik had already been exploring a digital solution for a year when they asked Big Bang, their NetSuite IT consultant, to investigate compatible automation software. Crucial factors for the solution included seamless alignment with the ERP, streamlined data entry, and the ability to attach supporting transaction documentation. Cost, being a charity and not-for-profit, was also a significant consideration. Regarding team buy-in, the primary motivation stemmed from the considerable potential time savings.


Yooz, an affordable, recommended, and NetSuite-compatible solution, was selected. Implementation wrapped up within 6 months, including comprehensive training sessions for managers.

Thanks to Yooz, our AP clerk has greatly reduced her time on data entry. So now she is able to take on more things like accruals and prepaids. It is a really great use of her time.”

Sandy Berry

Finance Manager, Ilisaqsivik

The Future Looks Bright


The new system proved to be game-changing. Yooz’s AP automation solution simplified documentation and approval processes. As a manager involved in regular invoice reviews and approvals, Morel-Misener expressed “The new system is incredibly efficient, likely reducing my review and approval time spent by 75%. Amazing!”

Morel-Misener emphasized, “Eliminating the drudgery of data entry allows us to assign employees more meaningful work.” Berry concurred, stating, “The system is very user-friendly and employees were able to catch on quickly.” 

Streamlined, efficient approval process? Check. 

Robust audit trail? Check. 

Easy review of the invoice and tasks outstanding? Check. 

Furthermore, integrating Yooz AP automation into their approval processes ensured data security, safeguarding less tech-savvy individuals from fraud.
“We are a program-based organization so it’s great that the Executive Director and other managers now have more time to do program planning instead of administrative tasks.”

Sandy Berry

Finance Manager, Ilisaqsivik

Words of Wisdom from Ilisaqsivik

Sandy Berry envisions automation as the key to achieving a seamless AP workflow all the way from invoice to payment. However, she emphasizes the importance of investing upfront effort in thorough research for the right AP automation solution and careful implementation, stating “The initial effort up front is so worthwhile. Know that it will take time to develop your workflows and ensure that the system meeting all your requirements. In addition, make sure that you have a team that is buying in and is excited about the new process.


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