Yooz Client Success Story - Kerr Consulting

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Industry: Technology Solution Provider

ERP: Sage

Locations: US based; 3,000 clients in 23 countries

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For Kerr, the profitability from Yooz often exceeds its other product offerings.



Yooz helps Kerr clients customize as they scale or as business needs change.



Yooz is flexible and can easily modify scope of work and system functionalities.



Kerr clients benefit from a combined ROT from the two seamlessly integrated systems.



Yooz implementation team provides ongoing consulting and support before, during, and after implementation.

Why Kerr Trusts Yooz With Its Reputation


Kerr started investigating AP automation solution providers when they had a client with a need. The firm was looking for an invoice and payment automation solution provider that could offer a seamless integration with Sage Intacct that could be proven. “We needed them to be able to prove the integration,” said Dan Krishman, Kerr’s Sage Intacct Practice Manager. At the time, Yooz was the only solution provider that had advanced technological capabilities, such as smart data extraction and machine learning, all powered by AI.
The company also needed an AP automation solution provider that had the capabilities to service a wide range of organizations in terms of size and industry type. The Yooz platform can be customized to fit the business needs of small- to mid-sized companies in any type of industry, both public and private sector.
Since then, Kerr has been very happy with the quality of the product and caliber of people at Yooz that help deliver every implementation on time and on budget. To the team at Kerr, that is what really counts at the end of the day. The company it would choose to partner with must share the same unwavering focus on the customer. “I have to be able to trust them with our reputation.”
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“At the core of what we do, we are a Premier Sage partner, selling and supporting the entire line of Sage products with its seamless integration, Yooz feels like an extension of the Sage Intacct system, not a bolt-on product."

Dan Krishman

Kerr’s Sage Intacct Practice Manager

Kerr’s Clients and the Yooz Solution: Easy as 1, 2, 3


  1. Early on in the discovery process with a new client, Kerr finds out how many invoices the AP department processes.

  2. If it is more than 100 per month and the processing workflow is manual—making it a primary pain point—Kerr recommends Yooz as the AP automation solution.
  3. Yooz facilitates the seamless integration with the ERP, helps the users understand the full scope of benefits they are about to realize, and the full potential of the complete, automated, end-to-end invoice and payment processing workflow is unleashed.

“Why did we choose Yooz as a strategic business partner?” asks Mr. Krishman. “We have learned through many implementations, with high degrees of complexity, that they can be trusted with our reputation. Yooz has been a key partner of Kerr Consulting.” Business benefits have been realized by both Kerr and their clients.

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