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Yooz Client Success Story - MMCA

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Business: MMCA 

Location: Canada

Industry: Accounting Services Consultant

ERP/Accounting Software: Multiple


accounting services consultant - Yooz invoice processing automation


Accounting services are enhanced with the ability to present Yooz as an innovative AP solution.



Clients feel like they have a complete accounting system that is easy to use.



Clients are freed to focus on marketing, strategic initiatives, and growing their businesses.



Reporting features help clients be more knowledgeable about their own finances and books.



Seamless integration with ERPs makes it an attractive option for any business.

How Yooz Helps MMCA Provide the Best Client Services

“My clients and I have a collaborative relationship. They are entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses. And they truly want to understand their financial statements in order to make more informed decisions.”
One of the services that Lochet provides is booking entries (bookkeeping). Because the Yooz solution reduces the time she spends on the invoice and payment process, she is able to reduce her fees to her clients. But that doesn’t mean her revenues decrease. Earning the trust of her clients, they refer others to MMCA, so her practice is growing. As she receives more work and the volume of documents to process increases, Yooz scales with her.
And for those clients that want to do their own AP, Lochet recommends the Yooz solution and demonstrates how it will increase the business’s efficiencies. Yooz integrates with more than 200 financial legacy systems/ERPs—including Sage 50 used at MMCA—making it a viable option for anyone.

As an account herself, Lochet truly appreciates how the Yooz solution benefits her clients. “Accounting professionals are very precise when it comes to managing budgets and calculating taxes. Yooz helps accountants be very exact and complete when doing their jobs.”

Download the Success Story

MMCA’s Business Challenges


  • Wanted to be more technologically advanced and help clients do the same.
  • Works with different types of businesses, each with a different ERP.
  • Clients didn’t have insight or understanding into their finances, including payables.

It’s all About the Results


Most of Lochet’s small business clients are excited to embrace technology. They are open to learning about AI and other ad-vanced technologies and eager to embrace a solution like Yooz that will allow them to automate. Plus, the mobile capabilities are attractive to her younger clients that tend to be comfortable using their mobile device for business functions.

“With Yooz’s advanced technology, like AI, it reads data and populates fields that all used to be done manually. Now the information is much more accurate.”

Marie-Madeleine Lochet

Professional Accounting Services Consultant

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