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Yooz Client Success Story - Oxford Collection

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Business: Oxford Collection

Location: Oregon

Industry: Hospitality

ERP/Accounting Software: Sage Intacct

Number of Locations: 16 hotels

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How a hotel chain automated their AP and increased efficiency and savings with Yooz


Oregon-based, Oxford Collection found themselves comparing many AP automation providers, but none of them came close to Yooz. Being a successful business in the hospitality industry with locations in 16 cities throughout the U.S. presented them with challenges that only Yooz was able to solve, proving Yooz is the only AP automation solution capable of handling complex AP needs.

Some of the pain points that led them to Yooz:


  • They were tired of outdated interfaces that weren’t user friendly or customizable to fit the company’s needs.

  • Traditional mailing meant an increased risk of double payments, and lack of visibility to track and approve invoices.
  • They didn't just want a good AP automation solution, but the best solution and technologies along with excellent customer support.
  • Postage costs can add up and transitioning to a paperless AP process with Yooz eliminated the need for postage, further reducing their expenses.
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Download the Success Story

Implementing the P2P Process, the Yooz Way

From the beginning, the Yooz team listened to Oxford Collection’s concerns about using an outdated platform, having an implementation process that wouldn’t align with the company’s schedule, and being unable to simplify the task of processing thousands of invoices received from their 16 hotels. Their concerns were addressed with Yooz's easiest-to-use and most customizable platform.

Yooz worked with Megan Walker, VP of Accounting and Finance at Oxford Collection, to create the onboarding plan to successfully rollout our AP automation solution leading to increased traceability of their large number of invoices coming from multiple locations.

"We are giving our General Managers visibility into their invoices, cutting down on costs, and making processes more efficient. We have only been live for a little over a month and are reaping the benefits already. We have cut down on postage costs and the General Managers are able to view and approve all of their invoices."

- Megan Walker, VP of Accounting and Finance

After Yoozing, Oxford Collection was able to:

  • Achieve the highest level of visibility and easily store and find documents using Yooz's "Google-like" search and digital filing cabinet.
  • Empower employees to focus on more strategic tasks thanks to Yooz's ability to process and distribute invoices to the right person at the right time.

  • Create a personalized dashboard and set AP automation rules and workflows for processing invoices and filing documents.

  • Save time and money by eliminating complicated processes, paper and postage costs simply by "Yoozing".
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