Yooz Client Success Story - Ritter Communications

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Industry:   Telecommunications 

Location:   Jonesboro, Arkansas

ERP:             Sage Intacct

Invoices:    3,000 to 4,000/month

telecommunications industry


Ability to approve invoices when traveling or out of office



Decrease in invoice processing time from 15 days to 2–3 days



Ability to start measuring KPIs

Ritter AP Challenges and the Yooz Solution Fit


A Sage Intacct ERP subscriber, the AP team of two processes 3,000 to 4,000 invoices per month. One of the biggest challenges was the backlog of documents that built up and had to be addressed each month, at which time they were frequently caught by surprise with the number of documents that had not been paid. They also struggled with invoices coming into other locations and other departments rather than into the main AP department’s e-mail.
While Ritter considers itself a technologically advanced company, the finance leaders had little knowledge of AP automation when they began their investigation for a solutions provider at Sage Intacct Marketplace. Several providers were under consideration, but none had true seamless integration with the Intacct ERP, nor did any have all of the features the team at Ritter needed... except for Yooz. Yooz was also the only provider that had batch scanning and that updated/uploaded throughout the day and night, rather than only once per night.
“We were trying to get our staff to be more analytical and forward-thinking, but they were too boggeddown with manual data entry and chasing paper. Now with Yooz, their time is freed up for more strategic,value-added tasks.”

Audrey Boggs


Download the Success Story

Main Pain Points

  • Backlog of invoices at month-end
  • Finding unpaid invoices
  • Majority of invoices without P.O.s
  • Staff bogged down with manual data
    entry and chasing paper
  • No ability to measure KPIs

Implementation of Yooz for Ritter Communications


The Ritter finance leaders communicated with the staff early on in the process and included them in the provider selection process. Phase one of the implementation took four to five weeks. The accounts payable phase took six weeks.



“Our approving managers travel a lot. They are so happy to be able to approve invoices while they are out of the office. And as a result, our approval process time has sped up dramatically. What used to take 15 days now only takes two or three days.”

- Audrey Boggs, Accountant

Words of Wisdom from Ritter Communications

  • Make sure the AP automation system is fully integrated with your API.
  • Find out how often the system updates. It should continuously update throughout the day and night rather than only once daily.
  • The OCR recognition needs to be robust and complete, not outsourced. The elimination of manual entry is what will save time and money and pay for itself.

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