Yooz Client Success Story: Shelor Motor Mile

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Industry:   Automotive

Location:  Christiansburg, Virginia, USA

ERP:            CDK

Staff:           Over 400 employees

Shelor Motor Mile Customer Success Story


Yooz helps automate each step of your procure to pay (P2P) process with 1 unique solution.

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“Currently, I do not have a single piece of paper in my office.” - Molly Boothe



Yooz helps ease the month end process by importing and approving invoices on the go!


Save Time

Before Yooz Shelor’s month end close out could take up to 10 days, it now only takes 2!

Save Money

Since Yooz Shelor have been able to cut their close out time by 80%.



Gain instant visibility into your AP process and stop losing documents.

In 2020 Shelor Motor Mile made the decision to expand their quest to go paperless into their Account Payable Department.


With multiple companies and over 400 employees, many of which are mobile or do not work in the office most of the time, the task of tracking down invoices and getting them approved was very frustrating and time consuming. Molly Boothe (Controller) thought there had to be a solution out there that would allow their mobile employees to create a purchase request, approve an invoice or send an invoice from their mobile device. As a CDK user, Boothe reached out to CDK for recommendations for a solution, and that’s how she found Yooz.

“Hands down deciding to utilize Yooz in our invoice processing has been the best decision that we have made. It has not only helped us achieve our most important goals, providing mobile access and making it easier to track down invoices and gain approval, it has allowed us to cut our month end close out process from ten days down to basically two.”

Boothe knew that getting her Payables team onboard wouldn’t be an issue, as it was very apparent the benefits to them in making this change, she was unsure how eager the rest of employees would be to making such a drastic change. She was pleasantly surprised that what could have been a huge undertaking to change the company’s culture from paper to primarily paperless, was actually an easy transition once everyone could see all the benefits Yooz could provide to all departments not just Payables.

“Change is hard, especially one so drastic. When you have been use to putting a piece of paper in an envelope and sending to the Office to get paid and being done, it is hard to think that adding any extra steps to that process could be a good thing. It was important to us to show everyone it wasn’t more steps, it was simply different steps and all of the benefits making this change could give all of us.”

During Shelor’s implementation the project manager at Yooz was very thorough in learning how the Shelor organization operates in order to suggest the most efficient workflows to get the most out of the application.

“The Yooz implementation has been the best experience we have had with any software application! It is really difficult to get employees to believe in and want to learn a new application when you have any difficulties during the initial startup. If there are problems they tend to look for reasons not to adapt to the change. With Yooz we didn’t have any issues, which made it easy to obtain the needed buy in and support from everyone.”

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"Don’t be afraid to change! I would venture to say if you asked anyone here at Shelor who has been using Yooz they would say the same. It is actually a running joke that whenever there is a process that needs to be improved my first answer is, I bet we can use Yooz for that.”

Molly Boothe


Shelor Motor Mile is using Yooz for more than just processing invoices electronically. Here are some of the other ways that are utilizing Yooz:



  • Mobile Purchase Request/Orders
  • Budgeting
  • Automated Reminders/Follow-up on invoices awaiting action
  • Electronic Document Storage
  • Automated GL Account Coding

shelor motor mile ap automation

After switching to Yooz, Shelor Motor Mile was able to:

  • Get things done thanks to the most intuitive and customized AP workflows for optimum flexibility.
  • Review and approve documents from anywhere, from any device, for maximum mobility.
  • Always be in the know with instantly updated financials thanks to the real-time visibility of the Yooz Cloud-based platform.
  • Never miss a beat and keep going, even when a business disruption strikes as Yooz means reliability.
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