Canadian ERP Consulting Firm Credits AP Automation for Their Efficient and Accurate AP Processing 

The Answer Company focused on improving their own AP invoice and payment processes with a best-in-class solution just as they do for their clients.

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Business: The Answer Company

Location: Canada & United States

Industry: Consulting Firm

ERP: Sage Intacct 

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Save Time

Yooz sped up the invoice approval process by up to 3 days!


Seamless adoption thanks to a user-friendly platform.



Yooz helped keep approvals on track with notifications. 

About The Answer Company


Since 1994, The Answer Company has been a leading technology consulting group, helping organizations grow with customized business management solutions and technology consulting services. In their detailed software implementation process, they discover room for process and financial improvement to ensure that businesses are not just operating but thriving.

As a well-recognized Sage Platinum and Acumatica Gold reseller & partner, they have a team of dedicated consultants to help deploy fully integrated and tailored management systems. They have helped over 2,000+ clients across Canada and the US in multiple industries. Together their purpose is: Propelling Businesses Forward.


An Inefficient AP Process with Room for Improvement

The Answer Company experienced pains with the inflexibility they encountered with workflow permissions, as well as the approval roles and assignments in their AP process. A Controller for The Answer Company explains, “There were definitely limitations on our invoice approval process. Directors from different departments would need to sign in regularly in our system to make approvals rather than getting notified. This, of course, caused delays. Our invoices would also come in through a distribution email, which meant that they would often get buried in our inboxes.”


In fact, the abundance of invoices due to an email inbox that was overrun with emails of all types — not just invoices to be paid — was causing inefficiencies and delays to The Answer Company’s bi-monthly batch payment process.


The Solution to AP Frustrations was Yooz


Armed with a list of pain points in their invoice and payment process, the company began their search for the right AP automation provider with API connections to Sage Intacct. The Answer Company looked into several different providers. However, they could not find what they were looking for. After some research, demos of the product, and conversations with the Yooz pre-sales team, The Answer Company decided that they found the right solution for the team. That solution was Yooz.

“Three major things led us to choosing Yooz: First, with the Yooz and Sage Intacct integration, we were no longer inundated with payable emails and all our vendor invoices were captured efficiently. Secondly, our approval process is much more agile compared to our previous workflow.  Finally, accurate record-keeping and filing of all the digital documents was our third big win with Yooz.”

– Controller, The Answer Company

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Smooth Implementation of Yooz & Seamless Integration with Sage Intacct


At the beginning of the implementation and onboarding of the Yooz platform, The Answer Company presented a bucket list of the desired features in their ideal AP automation solution. Yooz was able to deliver on each and every one, including working with their IT team to connect SharePoint into their platform for easier access to their documents and files.  


“Adoption of Yooz was quite seamless actually, because we have an experienced team and Yooz is very user-friendly” according to a Controller for The Answer Company. The efficiency of the Yooz implementation team in their short and concise weekly meetings stood out.

Accuracy and efficiency are the two main impacts Yooz has had on our AP process.”


The Answer Company's Controller references smaller details of the Yooz software such as, the split screen viewing options and automated 3-way matching with Sage Intacct, as specific time savers that made a real difference for her and her team’s workYooz also notifies our directors through email when an invoice needs to be approved. Our team receives repeated notifications until the task is completed, which helps to keep us all on track.
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“The efficiency that Yooz addresses is worth it because for us accuracy is key. The accuracy of the invoices coming in being captured properly in the system is important along with the flexibility of the approval process. Those were two things that hindered us from being more efficient in the past and Yooz addressed that, so I was so happy.”


The Answer Company

In all, the combined efficiencies with Yooz allowed The Answer Company to save up to 3 minutes per invoice through the elimination of manual data entry and sped up their overall invoice approval process by up to 3 days.

Words of Wisdom from The Answer Company

“For people looking at AP automation I would suggest they figure out where their bottleneck is in the AP process. Ask key questions, such as ‘Where are things being held up?’ ‘What part of the process has inefficiencies?’ and ‘What can be addressed through automation?’"

- Controller, The Answer Company

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