Yooz Client Success Story - Transwest

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Business: Transwest

Location: Denver, Colorado

Industry: Automotive

ERP/Accounting Software: CDK

Number of Invoices: 2,100/month

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Documents saved in the cloud. More secure. Easily accessible. 



Money saved not shipping documents. 



No more shredding. No more file cabinets. 



4 hours shaved off payment process. 



Better flow for approvals. 

Transwest AP Challenges and the Yooz Solution Fit

The Transwest auto dealership division of the company had been wanting to go paperless for the past five years, however, there were not many platforms that would integrate seamlessly with its CDK DMS system for a complete end-to-end P2P (procure-to-pay) solution...until Yooz.
Much of the AP department’s office space was wasted on file cabinets, and during the audit process it was difficult to find documents. The catalyst to making the transition to AP automation came when the group decided to build a new campus and they did not want to move all those file cabinets.
CDK recommended Yooz, and the management team at Transwest was thrilled to have finally found a solution that housed the entire P2P process, and at a very reasonable cost. “With other options there was one base service, like data storage for example, and then the provider had to bolt on other softwares,” lamented Jason Kleve, Transwest’s controller. “Each additional software came with its own licenses, implementations, and additional costs. We almost gave up that we could find a complete solution.”
“It was such a relief to find a complete solution that would accommodate the entire process, from purchase to payment, without any nickel-and-diming or added costs for bolted on software.”

Jason Kleve


Main Points


  • Too Many paper copies

  • Storing, shredding, shipping documents

  • Difficulty finding documents during audits
  • Lack of accountability from managers

Download the Success Story

Implementation of Yooz for Transwest


The company rolled out the implementation at the corporate branch first, learning and troubleshooting along the way. Only three months later as the AP team asked “How soon can we get rid of paper copies? implementation at the other four stores began. The entire implementation period was only six months.


“This change has forced managers to be more involved and accountable. Our tech savvy personnel adapted very quickly. But even the old schoolers became our biggest advocates once they realized the benefits from the improved processes.”

- Jason Kleve, Controller

Word of Wisdom from Transwest

  • Dealerships tend to be very paper-centric. Realize that Yooz AP automation is a tool that can create great benefit.
  • When exploring AP automation solutions, a key consideration is how much of the process will the platform handle? (Here’s a hint: Yooz is the only provider that offers a complete end-to-end solution.)

  • Learn more about OCR (optical character recognition), what it is, what it isn’t, how it works, and how it impacts the AP workflow.


“Storing documents in the cloud has solved most of our pain points. Documents are easily accessible by all department managers. It’s much more secure. And we’re saving money and time by not shredding, storing, or shipping documents.”

- Jason Kleve, Controller

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