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Business:           Truck/Trailer/Tank Repairs & Parts Sales

Invoices:            2,000/month

Employees:        51-200

Location:           Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

ERP:                     Karmak

truck zone

Introducing Truck Zone, the powerhouse behind on-time and secure deliveries for Western Canada’s truckers since 2002. Specializing in serving the oil and gas industry, the company has earned a reputation as the premier heavy-duty truck, tank, and trailer service provider in the region, a top supplier of parts and services, and stand out as a leading heavy-duty repair shop across all Canada. With over 95 dedicated team members strategically positioned across 5 locations and providing 24/7 mobile roadside assistance, Truck Zone’s success is anchored in the core belief that cultivating strong teams and nurturing customer relations lay the groundwork for excellence.



Completely transparent process for everyone involved



Data security to safeguard from fraud




Efficient processing, approval, and payment

The Challenge

The existing invoice system encountered significant hurdles due to a manual workflow, heavy reliance on a single part-time Accounts Payable (AP) Specialist, and the intricacies involved in managing separate invoicing across various locations. These challenges resulted in delays in General Ledger (GL) closure and a lack of transparency regarding outstanding invoices.

Furthermore, the manual process lacked an efficient tracking system and robust approval mechanisms, requiring time-consuming email correspondence and follow-up. Finally, the absence of a straightforward way to promptly access documents further compounded the inefficiencies.

The part-time AP Specialist’s availability constraints, the remote work structure, existing inefficiencies, and the desire to minimize employee data entry all prompted a strategic shift towards automation to optimize the AP workflow.

“We don't have to ask for copies of invoices from our AP Specialist when she's not available in the afternoon, nor do we really need to reach out to a vendor because we have it all in Yooz.”

– Christina Chomyk, Director of Finance & Business Systems



The Solution


Christina Chomyk, Truck Zone’s Director of Finance and Business Operations, was introduced to Yooz during the Karmak conference upon a recommendation from Truck Zone’s President. The distinctive look and feel of Yooz set it apart from other providers, playing a key part in the decision-making process. Following the selection of Yooz, Truck Zone was pleasantly surprised by the platform’s efficiency and user-friendly interface. Chomyk shared her positive experience, stating, “The transition was anything but the cumbersome process that one might dread. Instead, we found ourselves looking forward to the weekly updates and embracing the opportunities linked with the new workflows and processes.”

The Impact


Yooz effectively addressed process gaps by implementing a streamlined workflow with AI capabilities. The platform’s automation seamlessly adapted to the part-time AP Specialist’s schedule, reducing data entry and repetitive tasks, and allowing more time for strategic and analytical functions. Chomyk underscored the significance of this shift towards vendor interaction over paperwork.

Furthermore, the platform digitized and centralized all invoices, reducing dependence on physical storage and expanding accessibility to individuals traditionally uninvolved in the AP process. Communication efficiency saw improvement, the need for manual interventions decreased, and automated workflows reduced delays.

These adjustments allowed Truck Zone to increase their processing to over 2,000 invoices, increasing accessibility to financial statement data for efficient task management and fostering strong vendor relationships. As a result, the Yooz integration not only revolutionized the workflow but empowered the entire team.
“I would rather [the AP Specialist’s] focus not be so much on the processing aspect, but to be able to respond to vendor questions and inquiries more of the relationship between our vendors and Truck Zone rather than just being bogged down in paperwork.”

Christina Chomyk

Director of Finance & Business Systems, Truck Zone

Words of Wisdom from Truck Zone

Chomyk emphasized the importance of embracing technology as a liberator, not a threat, stating “It’s not a replacement for employees but freedom from routine, boring tasks, paving the way for more meaningful ones.”

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