Revving Up Profits: WKI Kenworth Drives Forward with New Invoice Process

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Business:           Transportation/Trucking

Invoices:            Approximately 5,000/month

Employees:        250

Location:           Kansas

ERP:                     Karmak

WKI Kenworth
Established in 1971, Wichita Kenworth began its journey with a modest team of six. Since then, it has grown into WKI Kenworth, a thriving enterprise boasting a workforce of over 250 employees across five fixed establishments and ten mobile branches. They specialize in parts, service, truck sales, and PacLease (truck rental and leasing).
An acclaimed private entity, the company is dedicated to empowering both its internal and external stakeholders, striving to maximize their success by treating every customer relationship as a partnership.


For 60,000+ sheets of paper annually to 100% paperless




Efficient same-day processing and payment


Completely transparent process for everyone involved

The Challenge


The company’s accounting department of six had only one member, Accounts Payable Specialist Valerie Elder, actively processing invoices. Despite having an Accounts Payable (AP) automation system in place for two years, they still handled around 5,000 invoices monthly. Unfortunately, about 400-500 invoices routinely went missing or unpaid by months-end, leading to a drop in productivity as employees scrambled through emails to locate the necessary information.

When Peggy Holden became Accounting Manager in April 2022, she immediately noticed inconsistencies in the accounting process. She also observed that the existing AP automation system didn't fully deliver on its promised functionality, affecting other systems including Karmak.
Holden remarked, “We handle a large number of invoices monthly, and the process varies based on the ordering department and vendor type. In the past, invoices were sent to whoever placed the order, who then manually routed it to AP for processing.” She added, “Invoices sometimes got stuck due to questions or awaiting approval, forgotten until they appeared  on the missing list."

“I could not be happier. Not only did Yooz absolutely deliver everything that was marketed, but they gave me things that I didn't even know that I needed yet makes such a huge impact."

– Peggy Holden, Accounting Manager for WKI Kenworth

The Solution


While attending the annual Karmak conference in November of 2022, Holden and her Staff Accountant Amy Ruggles discovered a promising solution at the Yooz booth. Following a concise but productive conversation, Peggy requested an introduction to a current Yooz client who had faced similar challenges and gone through a similar journey. This pivotal exchange marked a significant turning point. 

Holden emphasized, “Learning that Yooz had already successfully partnered with Karmak provided assurance that Kenworth WKI wouldn’t be a mere trial run. They demonstrated tangible results and promptly connected us with another on-site customer; someone who understood my challenges, spoke my professional language, and had gone through a similar journey. This assurance bolstered my confidence that this solution would indeed address my concerns and yield the outcomes that I sought."

The contract was signed the very next day. 

“It's no longer a matter of guessing, now it's a matter of precision.” 


Yooz was efficiently integrated and operational within months, even thought it was the holiday season. Holden noted that it could have been implemented even faster, but they chose to roll out and implement each store separately. In addition, as part of the process, the Yooz support team assisted WKI Kenworth in mastering the system, empowering them to be self-sufficient as they continued to grow and scale their organization
"I love everything about Yooz. I believe that it is the only solution out there that's actually going to solve your AP problems."

Peggy Holden

Accounting Manager, WKI Kenworth

The Future Looks Bright


Thanks to Yooz, Kenworth WKI’s AP process is now 100% paperless. They transitioned from being dominated by boxes and boxes of paper to a seamless digital environment, one free of filing cabinets and physical storage. Every document now finds its place in Yooz and the accounting department has clear visibility into the status of every invoice in the pipeline. The managers also have full access, empowering them to take ownership and responsibility for decisions not as a reaction to financials being published, but in real time as purchases are being made.

This transformation yielded impressive results, with the company reducing their monthly invoice discrepancies from hundreds to an average of just twenty. Holden emphasized this shift, saying “Instead of chasing invoices, we’re efficiently processing them.”

Holden’s ultimate win? “We’ve received zero complaints from our 250+ employees, marking a complete transformation in employee morale.” This stands out as a testament to the profound impact of Yooz on Kenworth’s WKI’s operations and work culture.

Words of Wisdom from WKI Kenworth

Reflecting on her experience, Holden offered invaluable advice for other organizations considering an AP automation solution. She emphasized the singular focus and dedication that Yooz brings to the table. “This is their expertise, their passion, and when you’re seeking a partnership, that’s what truly matters.”

Furthermore, she urged, “The key to improvement is action. When I chose Yooz, everything changed for the better. Don’t hesitate, don’t second-guess. Sign the contract, implement it, and thank me later. It’s as simple as that.”

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