Maximizing Efficiency on the Go to Further Enhance Your Invoicing Process

Effortless Invoice Capture and Approval From Anywhere, Anytime

Transform your invoice management with a dynamic tool that offers unparalleled flexibility, empowering businesses to effortlessly streamline their financial operations while on the move.
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Take Your Productivity to the Next Level with the Power of Yooz!


Meet YoozMobile, the all-in-one document management solution that empowers you to boost your invoice process efficiency, effortlessly handling your documents from anywhere at anytime.


Streamline Invoice Capture


Experience improved, more efficient invoice processing with our user-friendly mobile application. Simply take a picture with your phone to effortlessly capture supplier invoices, eliminating the need to carry paper-based documentation. With just two clicks, your invoice is securely stored in the Cloud.


Boost Productivity


Seamlessly sync with the Yooz Rising web application, granting you access to all pending documents for swift validation. In addition, enjoy the flexibility to exchange comments, block, or transfer documents to another user, providing unmatched adaptability.


Effortless Document Management


With YoozMobile, your entire document repository is now easily accessible, regardless of your location. Leverage powerful keyword searches combined with organizational, document type, or third-party filters to quickly locate specific documents in seconds. A single click grants you a comprehensive view of the document’s history, with information tailored to your preferred level of detail.


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Easily gather various documents like invoices, credit notes, and delivery slips by taking a picture or importing them directly from your mobile device folders.

Approve & Move

Validate the data and seamlessly progress documents to the next processing stage through a mobile device anywhere, anytime.

Find & Consult

Locate specific documents efficiently using keyword-based search, and apply filters based on organization, document type, or third-party information.


Add comments, block, or transfer documents to another user for further attention and handling.

Get Notified

Streamline operations by directly notifying users, ensuring tasks are assigned and completed effectively.


Access the complete history of a document for total evaluation and auditing purposes.

“With the introduction of YoozMobile, we continue to redefine the way that businesses manage their Purchase-to-Pay process. We recognise the absolute importance of agility and accessibility in today's fast-paced business landscape, and YoozMobile directly addresses this need. It empowers professionals to take full control of the P2P processes and helps guarantee that crucial tasks are effortlessly complete, regardless of time or location."

- Laurent Charpentier, CEO of Yooz


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"Mobile is becoming not only the new digital hub but also the bridge to the physical world. That's why mobile will affect more than just your digital operations - it will transform your entire business."

- Thomas Husson, Vice President at Forrester Research



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