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A Revolution in Invoice Scanning: The Elimination of Prior Sorting

Yooz's patented technology that allows scanning without pre-sorting! YoozStamp is an identification technology based on the detection and reading of a specific date stamp.

Increase Productivity

Located on the first page of each invoice, YoozStamp serves as a separator to allow automatic differentiation of batches of documents and invoices.

YoozStamp also multiplies productivity by eliminating the pre-sorting phase of documents and simplifying the task of scanning.

Beyond the productivity gain, YoozStamp guarantees the security of the scanning process. Applying a YoozStamp on an invoice:


  • Provides physical proof that the invoice has been scanned by Yooz.
  • Prevents the risk of scanning the same invoice twice; while Yooz automatically detects duplicates, it eliminates the invoices that have been scanned twice.