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Money, Machines And Meeting Goals: Healthier Cash Flow With AI

by Yooz the 11.29.2023


We tend to measure success by results. And at times, success is a race.


Let’s use an example with a leader I'll call Samuel. Samuel is the finance director at a thriving tech startup. He is simultaneously responsible for maintaining robust cash flow, simplifying financial processes and leveraging cutting-edge technologies. Because he knows the routes, understands the importance of a steady pace and uses the latest tools to gain an edge, his team takes the lead in his company's "month-end marathon" each month.


This race isn’t just against competitors but also against time, a sprint towards the end-of-month financial reports. But Samuel’s team, like well-conditioned athletes, are always prepared. They leverage a comprehensive strategy with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) powered by extensive big data.


These technologies help them streamline the verification and preparation of invoices for payment, enhancing the company’s cash flow while simplifying the procedure for users. Plus, predictive analytics provided by AI and ML further fortify the company’s financial position through accurate forecasting.


Samuel’s approach—combining traditional financial acumen with modern fintech solutions—illustrates how I believe you can meet your own financial goals consistently. The key is fostering an efficient, user-centric and financially healthy ecosystem.


How AI Can Support A Healthier Cash Flow Process


With the integration of AI, invoices can be automatically processed, approval procedures can take mere moments and the risk of fraud is minimized.


  • Unleashing invoice automation. AI technology can help accurately scan and extract invoice data, eliminating manual entry. This not only ensures data accuracy and saves time but also lets you focus on more critical tasks.

  • Accelerating approval processes. Speed is of the essence in business. By reducing bottlenecks in approval workflows, AI smartly directs invoices to the correct approvers using predefined rules and past data.

  • Managing risk with fraud detection. AI can also act as a vigilant watchdog. With the ability to detect anomalies in invoice data, AI can identify potentially fraudulent activities. It's like having a dedicated detective on your team, continuously scrutinizing every invoice for any irregularities.

  • Visibility from the real-time data perspective for strategic decisions. AI can also deliver precise cash flow forecasts by analyzing past financial data, payment patterns and market trends. It's akin to a financial crystal ball, empowering you to anticipate cash flow changes and make strategic decisions.

    In the fast-paced business world, I find that AI-aided tools are no longer a luxury but a necessity.

How To Keep Stride When Adopting This Technology


Undoubtedly, AI transforming numerous industries, acting as an energy boost and propelling benefits such as streamlined processes, reinforced security and enhanced supplier/vendor experiences. However, it is not a one-stop solution that will magically clear all hurdles on the track. Rather, I recommend you use AI as a strategic aid, akin to a pair of well-designed running shoes that can offer substantial advantages when utilized mindfully and with purpose.


Even the leader from our example, Samuel, would tell you it wasn’t as simple as Googling and opening the corporate checkbook. As with any new teammate, certain rules and regulations have to be taught before peak function can begin. Adopting AI in your business operations demands forethought and practice.


Here are four nuggets of wisdom (and the questions an organization must answer to find them) before taking the plunge to team up with this cutting-edge solution.


1. Clarify your goals and needs. What specific goals do you wish to achieve with AI implementation? Which aspects of your business operations stand to gain the most from automation? Understanding these can guide the selection of the appropriate AI solution.

2. Ensure compliance. Is the AI system you're considering in line with current regulations? Non-compliance isn't just a legal risk; it can also tarnish your company's reputation. Make sure your chosen AI solution aligns with industry standards and the law.


3. Budget for AI. Can your budget accommodate the initial implementation and ongoing maintenance costs of an AI system? Financial planning is crucial to the successful integration of AI into your operations.


4. Keep the human touch. While AI can automate various processes, are there elements of your business that would benefit more from a human touch? Maintaining a balance between automation and personal human interactions can enhance your business model's efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Gear Up For Your Victory Lap


As the CEO of a company that provides invoice payment automation solutions, I've seen how harnessing the power of AI can catapult your accounts payable processes to new heights. However, let's be clear: AI is not an absolute fix-all. Instead, its dynamic power lies in the purposeful application within a finely tuned strategy.


As with a marathon, it's not just about sprinting at breakneck speed; it's about employing the intelligence of a seasoned runner. By deploying AI after thorough assessment and meticulous planning, I believe you can enhance invoice approval speed, minimize errors and ensure prompt payments.

The thrill of victory in the marathon lies in more than the sprint to the finish; it hinges on smartly navigating the course and leveraging AI to make sharp, informed decisions at every bend and turn.



This article was originally published to Forbes.com as a part of their Forbes Business Council on October 5, 2023 and authored by Yooz CEO Laurent Charpentier.