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Truck Zone Fuels their Invoice Process with Yooz Automation

by Yooz the 03.12.2024

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Canadian Canadian top provider of parts and services to the heavy-duty truck and trailer industry selects Yooz to transform and accelerate their invoice processes.  


DALLAS, TX – March 8, 2024 – Yooz, an innovator in state-of-the-art, cloud-based AP Automation, is pleased to announce the successful transformation of Truck Zone’s Accounts Payable (AP) workflow.

Truck Zone selected Yooz to automate and streamline its previously paper-intensive system, transforming it into a highly efficient invoice and approval process. The resulting decrease in manual data input and repetitive duties not only provided employees with more time to concentrate on strategic and analytical responsibilities but also lessened the company’s dependence on physical storage and payment delays.

These adjustments allowed Truck Zone to enhance their processing capabilities, improve access to financial statement data for efficient task management, and contribute to the fostering of vendor relationships.

Christina Chomyk, Director of Finance and Business Operations at Truck Zone, expressed her satisfaction with the implementation process, stating, “The transition was anything but the cumbersome process that one might dread. Instead, we found ourselves looking forward to the weekly updates and embracing the opportunities linked with the new workflows and processes.” Equally important, she emphasized the liberating role of technology, stating, “It’s not a replacement for employees but freedom from routine, boring tasks, and paving the way for more meaningful ones.”

Discover how Truck Zone optimized their invoice process and laid the groundwork for excellence in the Client Success Story here.



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