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YoozReports Redefines Real-Time Reporting Capability

by Yooz the 10.11.2023

YoozReports PR

Real-time reporting feature seamlessly integrates Excel's power with real-time data updates, providing financial and accounting decision-makers with unprecedented control over budget and cash flow management in the P2P process.

DALLAS, TX. – October 12, 2023 – Yooz, a pioneering force in Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) automation, solidifies its industry leadership position with the introduction of its latest advanced feature, YoozReports. This innovative tool, unique in its market segment, seamlessly combines the familiar power of Excel with Yooz’s real-time data updates and dynamic visualizations, granting financial decision-makers unprecedented control over budget and cash flow management and real-time visibility into their P2P process.


Since its inception in 2010, Yooz has been steadfast in its commitment to dismantle obstacles that obstruct financial processes, particularly those that hinder the adoption of purchasing and invoice automation. While extremely user-friendly, Yooz Rising is the most modern P2P automation solution, and was introduced to bring the smartest technologies and most powerful features in the Accounts Payable (AP) workflow, from purchase to payment. Earlier in 2023 Yooz further expanded its offering with the integration of real-time budget management capabilities.


Today, Yooz continues to build upon its legacy of incorporating customer feedback by unveiling its latest innovation: a free reporting feature available to all Yooz Rising subscribers. This product addresses the growing importance of real-time data in shaping strategic decisions, bolstering cash flow oversight, enhancing traceability, and optimizing financial management across all corporations.


Laurent Charpentier, CEO of Yooz, highlights the significance of YoozReports, stating “YoozReports empowers users to instantly access refreshed real-time data directly from Excel, eliminating the need for extra steps to sign-in and download from the Yooz platform. This expedites data retrieval and sharing, a pivotal element in today’s dynamic business landscape. It is yet another testament to our commitment to listening to our users and equipping them with the tools that they need to exceed their business expectations. This feature will deliver unmatched benefits to all users of the platform from the C-suite who may use it for real-time budget tracking, to the more process-oriented users who want to know who did what when and track the efficiency to their process even at the workflow task level.”


Key features of this new reporting capability include:


  • Instant access from Excel to the most up to date Yooz Rising data without having to login to the platform.
  • Unique flexibility with pre-built or customizable reports for streamlined reporting and enhanced efficiency.
  • Powerful ability to harness Excel’s graphic and visualization capabilities to track and interpret KPIs.
  • Modern API allowing immediate feed of critical information with other business intelligence tools such as ERPs, Tableau, and more.


The need for a modern API in order to create seamless integration with existing business intelligence solutions was a specific need emphasized by users to help improve company-wide communication and connectivity.


For more information, please visit our website here. Don’t wait to elevate your reporting using YoozReports and redefine your approach to real-time insights!


About Yooz


Yooz provides the smartest, most powerful, and easiest-to-use cloud-based E-invoicing and Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) automation solution. It delivers unmatched savings, speed, and security with affordable zero-risk subscriptions to more than 5,000 customers and 300,000 users worldwide. Yooz’s unique solution leverages Artificial Intelligence and RPA technologies to deliver an amazing level of automation with extreme simplicity, traceability, and end-to-end customizable features. 
Yooz North America is headquartered in the Dallas, Texas, metropolitan area with global offices in Europe.
Learn more about Yooz at  www.getyooz.com  Follow us: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook



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