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Yooz vs. The Other Guys: A Competitive Comparison, Part 2

by Melissa Hendrick, VP Marketing on 08.27.2019


In Part 1  of Yooz vs. The Other Guys, you learned two reasons why Yooz beats the competition as the most sought after AP automation solution: Our no-risk subscription pricing structure that includes everything you need and nothing you don’t, and our ongoing service, support, and engagement that turns Yooz customers into Yooz champions. 


In Part 2, we explore the third reason: Yooz is leveraging today’s innovative technologies to provide a complete, end-to-end, invoice processing solution. And we’ve been awarded for innovations in finance, technology, and SaaS (software-as-a-service) from six nationally recognized organizations because of it.


Many AP automation providers claim to be technologically advanced. And many claim to provide a complete solution. Yooz is the only AP automation provider that uses smart data extraction, leveraging OCR, AI and RPA technologies to offer one COMPLETE end-to-end solution, and we plan on staying that way. No bolting on other services to make it work. No nickel-and-diming you for add-on features. No outsourcing. Scale the solution as your business grows. And integrate with more than 200 ERP and legacy financial systems (and growing daily).


Adam Maurer, CPA, CFO, Deutser consulting, says it best, “With Yooz, you have a single source of the truth.”


But we’re not taking it easy. We continue to invest in R&D to stay ahead of the technology trends and provide the most easy-to-use, powerful, and smart solution so that you can solve your most critical workplace challenges and reach your financial and operational goals.


In another blog series  we explored five emerging technologies that Yooz is already leveraging to provide finance teams the tools to escape mundane processing tasks, up-skill, prepare to scale gracefully and remain competitive, build a P2P automation ecosystem that is easy to manage, and increase collaboration between co-workers, vendors, partners, and customers.


Data and Analytics: Yooz’s complete technology, combining OCR (converting images to text), smart data extraction (transforming the text into relevant data), and machine learning (remembering the data and populating it into the applicable data fields each time the data is recognized) assists CFOs in becoming more accurate in estimating revenue and profitability…and making smarter business decisions.


Risk Management: Yooz technology, powered by AI, has the ability to analyze a lot more data than is currently possible to detect fraud before it gets too far. And allowing finance leaders to sleep at night! (For more on fraud prevention, download our white paper: Game of Fraud.)


Robotic Process Automation (RPA): Adoption of cloud-based AP automation platforms like Yooz that leverage a form of RPA powered by AI and machine learning streamlines and improves efficiencies across the entire financial planning and analysis process.


Blockchain: Blockchain technology provides a fast and secure way to process transactions. It also helps finance leaders by streamlining everyday business transactions and eliminating inefficient processes, identify and limiting risk, eliminating overhead and multiple intermediaries, and creating a strong audit trail.


Cloud Applications: Known as “edge” computing, cloud applications perform data processing at the edge of the network, near the source of the data, to provide users with the fast, real-time access to documents for analysis needed for smart decision-making.

Yooz is bringing our clients into the finance office of tomorrow, helping them scale gracefully and remain competitive in a business world that moves at the speed of light.


Won’t you join us?

In Part 3  of this blog series, we’ll show you how Yooz stacks up against other invoice processing solutions that integrate with the Sage Intacct ERP.