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What is Yooz Rising?

by Yooz on 02.19.2021

Yooz Rising 2.25.2021

10 years after it was created, Yooz now automates purchase-to-pay process for over 100,000 companies and has become one of the market’s reference solutions.


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What reasons drove the development of Yooz Rising?


Yooz was created in 2010, with the ambition of removing manual tasks for Accounts Payable (AP) and P2P automation adoption by offering the smartest, most powerful, and easiest-to-use cloud-based Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) automation solution.


Back to the roots, Yooz disrupts again and leads the market by redefining the standards of AP Automation. Yooz Rising makes no compromise between performance, simplicity, security, and features and meets the 3 vital needs of each modern organization at date:


  • Real-time automation from anywhere, at any time generating unmatched speed and savings
  • Business resilience and continuity with complete traceability and security
  • Intuitiveness and simplicity as a driver for quick user adoption

With Yooz Rising, what is being brought to the market that is new?


Launched in early 2020, Yooz Rising redefines the standards of AP automation, with the objective of bringing the highest value to finance and accounting departments by combining:


  • the smartest real-time automation technologies thanks to a unique blend of IA Deep Learning and Big Data-based technologies, allowing every user to achieve the highest efficiencies leveraging the unique power of the 100+ million invoices and 1+ million vendors in the Yooz community …
  • with the most intuitive and modern user experience …
  • … and the richest and most secured features: from purchase requisition to invoice payment, from regulation-compliant traceability to IA-based fraud detection.


How was Yooz Rising launched?


It’s a corporate project steered by the management board and supervised globally by a project department to optimize resources and best practices in every country.


The project was organized around two customer journeys designed to offer a smooth transition to Yooz Rising:


  • We ran a robust beta testing program, limited to selected customers over a defined period of time.
  • The production migration process was “industrialized” and rolled out by a dedicated task force with Yooz Rising experts.

How did you help customers adapt to Yooz Rising?


We are committed to satisfying each client, and we followed through on that mission by creating a 360° strategy to provide assistance adapted to their diverse needs.


One of the main pillars of the strategy is YoozUniversity, a digital training space dedicated to the Yooz partners and users community, gathering all the resources required to use the solution. This platform provides training sessions both live and via replay; enables customers to download training materials; offers a monthly live webinar to highlight new product features; and facilitates contact with trainers. YoozUniversity also offers personalized training services.


We give customers access to our Help Center, an online competence center that provides access to a vast library of content, articles, videos, and user support.


In addition to these resources, we offer guided tours through Yooz Rising, which helps users take their first steps with the solution along with direct access to our dedicated and responsive support team integrated directly in the application.


We have defined a strategy of listening to customer feedback through satisfaction surveys, regardless of the touchpoint along the customer journey, from business relations to support department relations, also including training and daily use of Yooz Rising.


We endeavor to increase our listening to customers continually and humbly to quickly identify needs and expectations that feed our product road map.


This 360° strategy to assist users is unique in the market, demonstrating one of the key values defended every day by every team member: “Driven by a shared customer-centric ambition”.



How have customers accepted the new solution? What are their favorite improvements and new features?


Yooz Rising has been exceptionally well received by our customers, who particularly appreciate the new user experience – that is, its unparalleled intuitiveness – and the richest features.


The new user experience is based on an extremely smooth and user-friendly interface on any device. Users appreciate its customizability, seeing that it takes just a few minutes to adopt the solution.


The application’s technological advances ensure the highest possible level of automation, thus unparalleled ROI, without getting caught up in complexity. Keeping Yooz simple to use remains a core pillar for the offering.


Our customers tell us that they appreciate its approval workflows, which have been totally redesigned and are now extremely flexible and powerful, being the only workflows that have adopted the BPMN2 standard associated with best-in-class document workflow solutions.


The ability to identify, index, archive, classify, and automatically look up any type of document, including HR documents, contracts, leases, and administrative forms, creates process automation opportunities for our customers’ administrative processes.


For those that are still unsure, why Yooz Rising?


Yooz Rising supports the mission that we gave ourselves and unites us as a group of people. That mission consists of creating unique technologies that automate and secure organizational processes with extreme agility and simplicity. Organizations can optimize their competitiveness and productivity while reducing costs and lead times, also redeploying resources on missions with greater added value, building their financial intelligence, and decreasing their environmental footprint.


Yooz’s unique solution leverages Artificial Intelligence and RPA technologies to deliver an amazing level of automation with extreme simplicity, traceability and end-to-end customizable features. It integrates seamlessly with more than 250 financial systems, exceeding any other solution on the market.


Being on top of the global technological leadership is Yooz origin, DNA and meaning of success. Yooz inherited 35 years of technology expertise focused on document processing automation.


With Yooz Rising, Yooz fulfills its goal of staying on top of the global technological leadership that represents both its origins and DNA.


A sentence to define Yooz Rising? No compromise on performance, simplicity, security and features!


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