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  • Streamlining and Centralizing: Yooz Creates a Complete Modern Purchasing Solution for North American Waste Management Company

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In the News

Streamlining and Centralizing: Yooz Creates a Complete Modern Purchasing Solution for North American Waste Management Company

by Yooz on 12.9.2022

Miller Waste PR

BAASS Business Solutions selects Yooz to integrate with Sage Intacct to provide an all-encompassing, end-to-end purchasing solution for their client.

Dallas, TX – December 9, 2022 – Yooz, a leading purchase-to-pay (P2P) automation provider, details their successful partnership with BAASS Business Solutions to streamline and expand client’s purchasing approval process.

Miller Waste Solutions, a leading Canadian waste management company based out of Ontario, operates a growing fleet of collection vehicles through branch operations across Ontario, Manitoba, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia. With hundreds of locations and long-time employees, the company needed a centralized standard to maintain growth.

When asked about the company accounts payable situation Michael Hayes, Manager of Data Analytics at Miller Waste, stated: “It was a nightmare. It was Excel based.” He further clarified that the company had “…like 100 different locations and each one had its own.” Once they decided that they wanted to increase their IT structure and streamline operations they reached out to a consulting company for assistance. That company was BAASS Business Solutions.

BAASS Business Solutions Inc. is a Canadian company specializing in improving business operations for clients throughout North American and the Caribbean. They work hard to understand the unique needs of their clients so, when they first connected with Miller Waste, they undertook a six-month study on the company to understand specific requirements and challenges they were facing. 

To network all the various locations and centralize operations BAASS recommended the implementation of Sage Intacct, a cloud-based Enterprise Resource Platform (ERP). However, Miller Waste found that the Sage built-in purchasing solution couldn’t address all the purchasing issues faced by the company. They wanted to implement a more extensive, complex approval process. BAASS suggested Sage Intacct partner Yooz.

“We were shown Yooz and it was an obvious choice from that point on.” According to Hayes. And, although still in the early stages of the ‘go live’ process, Hayes states “…the amount of data and analytical ability we have now is huge.”

When asked what particular features made Yooz stand out, Hayes replied that it was workflows. “Having it so there’s the different approval levels and we can put more complex processes in place.” He also stated “…OCR was a big one for us, document automation.” As far as Miller Waste was concerned, “Those were the two big factors that we were looking at and Yooz just had them both sitting there.”

Joe Arnone, President at BAASS Business Solutions, added a “…very important part is that (Yooz) works in Canada,” emphasizing the ability of Yooz to work with different tax issues faced by Miller Waste’s international operations. He further states “Just on my part, it’s always been great to work with the Yooz team. Very responsive. So high marks.”

Read more about the Yooz, BAASS, and Miller Waste partnership in the Customer Success Story here.


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