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The State of ePayables 2021

Download the Whitepaper

Download the Whitepaper

Operating in the New Normal

in 2020, Accounts Payable had to make some changes in order to keep businesses going, bolster financial resilience and ensure business continuity. AP automation played an important role in this forced shift and over a year later it is clear that automation and digital transformation of the invoice and payment process will be a lasting change that will affect future generations of AP professionals while creating the "new normal" for AP.

Yooz teamed up with Ardent PArtners for their 16th annual "state of AP" report to bring you benchmarks, recommendations, and analyses that AP teams can use to better understand the state of AP today and learn how they can improve their operations and performance.

State of payables 2021 Ardent Partners

The State of ePayables 2021 report presents:

  • The State of Accounts Payables
  • The State of ePayables
  • Best-in-Class Accounts Payable
  • Strategies for Success
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