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Manage Your Budgets in Real-Time With Yooz! 

See Your Budget Evolve in Real-Time.

  • Have immediate access to real-time budget status.
  • Get a comprehensive overview of your revenue and expenses during each stage of the Purchase-to-Pay process.
  • Supervise financial activities using a customizable, user-friendly dashboard.
Yooz dévoile sa fonctionnalité budget

Why Manage Your Budgets with Yooz?


The budget function is a seamlessly integrated value-added product offering within the Yooz Rising solution, providing financial decision-makers with a complete solution to automate and secure their financial processes. With immediate access to real-time budget status, management can enhance processes and promptly make well-informed decisions. 

Thanks to Yooz, users can now monitor their budget at each stage of the spending process and know their remaining available budget category by category, at any time.


  • Define your budgets according to your own specific criteria for either certain budget periods or categories.
  • Receive alerts when your spending exceeds a specified amount, enabling you to curb expenses if necessary.
  • Manage your budget at each stage of the Purchase-to-Pay process – from creation of the purchase request through invoice approval – by setting rules for monitoring, alerting, or blocking specific expenses.
  • Access real-time status information using the budget control tab, including amounts committed, invoiced, and available.
  • Utilize the customizable, user-friendly dashboard to get a comprehensive understanding and enhance financial management.

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Get Immediate and Comprehensive Insight into Your Budget Expenditures Through the Yooz Application


Did You Know?

In 2023's current unpredictable and high-risk economic environment, it is crucial for businesses to engage in proactive and well-informed decision-making. This sentiment is echoed in the priorities of CFOs for the year 2023, with an overwhelming 82% planning to change their budgeting approach [1].


[1] Priorités 2023 des décideurs financiers PwC-DFCG


“With the introduction of our budget tracking automation feature, Yooz continues to demonstrate our commitment towards pushing technological boundaries. Our goal is simple: to provide decision-makers with an enhanced user experience and the optimized functional coverage needed to help them to achieve their performance and efficiency goals despite volatile markets.”

- Laurent Charpentier, CEO of Yooz




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