Canadian Company Miller Waste’s AP Process Becomes Future-Ready Thanks to Yooz and BAASS 

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Business: Miller Waste Systems

Yooz Partner: BAASS Business Solutions

Location: Canada & United States

Industry: Waste management

ERP: Sage Intacct

Invoices: 24,000+ per month

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Yooz workflows customized to their specific approval processing needs.


Digitalized a manual and outdated AP process with an easy-to-use platform.



Seamless integration between Yooz and Sage Intacct for a single source of the truth.

Miller Waste Systems is a 50+ year old Canadian waste management company with operations throughout North America. They have over 30 locations, 850 collection vehicles, and employ over 1,300 personnel, and process over 24,000 invoices per month.


The Challenge

In an effort to offer better services to their customers Miller Waste Systems decided to streamline their operations and invest in their IT and other back office infrastructures to eliminate significant accounting and Accounts Payable issues. 

When asked about the existing scenario Michael Hayes, Manager of Data Analytics at Miller Waste, stated “It was a nightmare. It was Excel based. Miller Waste has been around for a long time and there’s people who have been there for 20+ years and they’ve never seen a PO approval system of any sort.”  With no common processes or records, there was no easy way to track or get any information. Worse still, as the company grew the situation only worsened.

To help resolve these issues, Miller Waste reached out to BAASS Business Solutions, a Canadian firm that specializes in the improvement of business process operations for small to mid-sized organizations, for assistance to modernize the company. 

After a six-month study to identify specific requirements and challenges, BAASS recommended that Miller Waste implement Sage Intacct a cloud-based Enterprise Resource Platform (ERP) solution.

However, while pleased with the software overall, the Miller Waste Purchasing Director found that not all the purchasing issues faced by the company were able to be addressed. They wanted to implement a more extensive, complex approval process. 

BAASS again had the solution; they suggested Sage Intacct partner Yooz.





“Just on my part, it’s been always great to work with the Yooz team. Very responsive. So high marks.”

- Joe Arnone, President at BAASS Business Solutions

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“We were shown Yooz and it was an obvious choice from that point on.” States Michael Hayes, Manager of Data Analytics at Miller Waste.

The advanced Yooz automation platform was easily able to accommodate the extended needs of Miller Waste, including varying dollar limit requirements, different levels of valuation, and more. In addition, the seamless integration between Sage Intacct and Yooz meant there was now a single, centralized, cloud-based information depository.

This was key for Hayes: “even if (the employees) weren’t with the company anymore, we would have the full history of their previous actions sitting in use.” No information lost and a complete audit trail in place.

When asked what features made Yooz stand out, Hayes replied that it was the workflows. “Having it so there’s the different approval levels and we can put more complex processes in place.” He also stated “…OCR was a big one for us, document automation.” As far as Miller Waste was concerned, “Those were the two big factors that we were looking at and Yooz just had them both sitting there.”

Joe Arnone, President at BAASS Business Solutions, also added a “…very important part is that Yooz works in Canada,” emphasizing the ability of Yooz to work with different tax issues faced by Miller Waste’s international operations. 

“I can tell you from an administration perspective. We're probably saving time and money all over the place.”

Michael Hayes

Manager of Data Analytics at Miller Waste

The Future

Miller Waste continues to rely on BAASS as an ongoing advisory service. And, although still in the early stages of the ‘go live’ and employee adoption process, Buchanan states “…the amount of data and analytical ability we have now is huge.”

BAASS Business Solutions a trusted Yooz business partner

BAASS Business Solutions Inc. is a 30+ year old Canadian company specializing in the improvement of business process operations for small to mid-sized organizations throughout North American and the Caribbean. They offer a comprehensive range of services and have a client base largely made up from referrals. They are ranked in the top 1% of Sage Business Partners in North American as well as work with Microsoft and Salesforce.

BAASS attributes much of their success to always having a customer-centric approach that ensures their solution is in complete alignment with the needs of client people, processes, and technology.

BAASS Business Solutions a trusted Yooz partner

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