Save Time, Money and Increase Efficiencies with Cloud-Based AP Automation

Turning your AP department from a cost center to a profit center

Many companies like yours are streamlining the AP process workflow by leveraging intelligent end-to-end AP automation technology across ERP systems, from purchasing to payment (P2P) of invoices. The Yooz solution provides artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies to help AP teams unleash their creative and innovative power with invoice automation.

Cloud-Based AP Automation Process

If you could accomplish these five things and save time, save money, and dramatically increase efficiencies, why wouldn’t you?

  • Completely paperless AP
  • Supplier participation and enablement
  • Same day invoice approval
  • Ability to capture available early payment discounts
  • Mobile access to invoice approval and communication

What is the Yooz Difference?

While many AP Automation providers offer strictly features and benefits we actually care about helping you reach the workplace goals that matter most to you.

7 reasons to leverage Yooz ERP-integrated, cloud-based AP Automation and turn your AP department into a profit center

yooz accounts payable automation

Streamline your payment processing workflow.
Integrate seamlessly with any ERP system.

The Yooz cloud-based all-in-one solution combines the following functionalities:

  • Intelligent document capture
  • Proprietary character recognition
  • Innovative end-to-end invoice automation technology
  • Advanced business process and document management features
  • P2P workflow approval, P.O import from ERP, and automatic matching of P.O. to invoice for approval
  • Customizable SaaS platform
yooz accounts payable automation

Reduce processing costs by 70%. Reduce cycle process time from weeks to days. Avoid late payment penalties.

Are you leveraging the ability to negotiate better pricing with your vendors? That’s just one of the Top 3 Ways that Yooz helps you turn your AP department into a profit center.

  • Reduce invoice processing costs from $15.55 to $3.20, and save an average of more than $6,000 per month.
  • Cut invoice processing time from an average of 4 weeks to 3 days, and free up your AP staff for more value-added tasks.
  • Avoid late payment penalties—from an average of 8% to zero—and capture all possible supplier discounts.
yooz accounts payable automation

Approve from anywhere. Yooz goes where you go.

With Yooz, you gain tremendous benefits with a platform that is powerful, intuitive, smart…and goes wherever you go.

Our Intelligent Document Capture is powered by AI and actually gets smarter the more you “yooz” it. Efficiency is at your fingertips when you receive, approve, send back with comments, or reassign an invoice at anytime from anywhere on any device.

yooz accounts payable automation

Save time and money and increase efficiencies with our cloud-based, innovative end-to-end AP automation technology platforms.

Stop losing invoices and spending time trying to find them. Manage all your documents in one centralized platform, archived in the cloud, easy to search and find, and only a click or two away.

yooz accounts payable automation

Speed up your invoice validation workflow across your AP department.

The elimination of manual entry not only saves you time, it also eliminates the opportunity for errors, which saves you money! With invoice automation, cycle time is reduced from an average of 4 weeks to an average of 3 days, unleashing the creative and innovative power of your AP team.

yooz accounts payable automation

Trust Yooz to provide award-winning AP automation.

Born in the cloud, cutting edge innovation is insured by our reinvestment of 25% of annualized revenue back into R&D. Because of this, we can continue to find ways to solve finance professionals’ top workflow pain points. More than 2,000 organizations trust Yooz to help them maximize the benefits of AP automation.

But don’t take our word for it. Hear from our clients by reading their success stories.

yooz accounts payable automation

Attend a live demo, then try Yooz for free!

Attend a live demo of Yooz in action as we take you through our automated invoice payment process step-by-step.

After that, try Yooz for free for 15 days, without any commitment or obligation on your part. You will have access to our customer success team to help guide you and your AP team through setting up the Yooz invoice capture and automation solution for your company.

Most importantly, there is no risk to get started with Yooz. Our SaaS is subscription-based and priced according to the volume of documents you process each month. We customize the platform to your company’s AP processing needs and business goals, so it’s exactly right for you.

Reduce AP processing costs by an average of 70%. Don’t believe us? Do the math!

Use our proprietary savings calculator below to estimate how much  AP Automation can save your company.

Total number of supplier invoices per month
















Estimated current labor cost to process an invoice (reception to payment)

Industry Average Laggard Yooz savings calculator
Aberdeen $7.78 $16.67 $15.54
Arthur D. Little $13.80
BVA $17.00
IOFM $11.00 $14.00
Levvel $8.60 $15.00
Total annual current cost $
Total annual future cost Yoozing your documents $
Your Annual Savings $

This calculator is offered to help you estimate how much you can save by Yoozing your documents. Yooz is not responsible for the contents or results.