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YoozPay: Get Cash Back with Digital Invoice Payment Workflow

YoozPay empowers your organization with the simplest and most flexible automated digital invoice payment workflow.

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YoozPay automates digital invoice payments in our no touch workflow.

Cash Back

Pay instantly leveraging our Virtual Credit Card option and generate recurring revenue
Get your invoices captured, reviewed, approved, and paid anywhere, anytime in a single web-based solution
and Intuitive
Onboard vendors with a single e-mail address and provide them with a 1-click away payment options experience (Virtual Card, ACH, eCheck, Paper Check)
Full Control and
Leverage fully-secured complete or partial payment options and get a real-time audit trail in your ERP
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80% cost reduction. Save time. Get cashback. Discover our payment automation solution.

Process your electronic invoice payment in 1 click.

It’s no surprise that supplier relationship management is key: order matching receipts and invoices paid on time future-proofs it.
With YoozPay's easy, powerful and smart technology, select the invoice to approve and amount to be paid or short paid, then choose the payment method (Virtual Card, ACH, eCheck, Paper Check). The YoozPay system automatically sends the payment to your vendor, waits for payment confirmation, and updates invoice payment status in Yooz and in your ERP.
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YoozPay: Approve, Process, Confirm Payment and Get Your ERP Updated

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