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Yooz and Sage takes AP automation ERP integration to a new level

  • • Reliable information in real time thanks to an automated two-way information flow
  • • Yooz is the only solution that pushes the actual image of the invoice to Sage's system
  • • Yooz connects with the purchasing module and pulls over the purchase orders or receivers
  • •  ...
  • • And there’s more!

A powerful combination: Yooz AP Automation and Sage ERPs

Recognized worldwide for the performance of its self-learning automatic processing technologies combining Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning, Yooz offers purchasing, accounting and finance departments using Sage management software a complete and secure automation of their accounting thanks to the quality of its integration, native and automated in the Sage environment.
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Want to know how the Yooz and Sage integrations works or what the benefits are?

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